In Review: The Boys (S2 – Ep 1,2 & 3) – ‘The Big Ride’, ‘Proper Preparation and Planning’ & ‘Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men’

The Boys are back in town...
The Boys

Synopsis: With Butcher still missing, Hughie, Mother’s Milk, Frenchie, and Kimiko are now fugitives, and Homelander and Vought are more powerful than ever. But just as the Boys are about to leave the country, they are pulled back into the fray.


The Story

Picking up from where last season left off. Hughie, Mother’s Milk, Frenchie, and Kimiko are now in hiding while Homelander is now running The Seven with no oversight and is somewhat preoccupied with the son her had with Billy Butcher’s wife. Hughie, who is still hanging with The Boys has also been working covertly with Starlight to obtain a sample of Compound V in order to expose Vought for the corrupt pharmaceutical company that it is. While The Deep has been exiled to Ohio and is having a major meltdown, which requires an intervention.

Meanwhile, Vought who is not too happy with Homelander leading The Seven has chosen a new member for the team in the form of Stormfront who is not a team player and immediately manages to rub Homelander up the wrong way.

When a Super Terrorist winds up in America. The race is on to get to him and put a stop to any attacks that he may make on American soil. It is just a matter of who gets to him first. The Boys or The Seven.


The Acting

This series pretty much picks things up from where it left off and returns with more laughs, more action and enough gore to make even Freddie Kugers stomach turn. Acting wise every key player performs brilliantly. Karl Urban makes a brilliant return as Billy Butcher, whose insensative attitude when it comes to the collatoral damage that he and the team leave in their wake continues to be a great source of comedy for the show. Urban pulls off the dry humor brilliantly.

Antony Starr gets some wonderful stuff to play with as Homelander tries, but ultimately fails at being a father figure to his son, which is not particularly wanted by the young boys mother. The scenes where Homelander is trying to get the young lad to use his superpowers is both really concerning, but also quite funny insofar as Homelander’s calous attitude. We also get some fun scenes between Homelander and newcomer Stormfront who is played brilliantly by Aya Cash.

Both Jack Quaid and Erin Moriarty continue to do a solid job of portraying the romance between Hughie and Starlight, but with everything that has happened the relationship has become a bit strained due to one of them being in hiding while the other is struggling to balance doing the right thing with fullfilling their commitments in regards to their role as one of America’s premier superheros.



These first three episodes really set stuff up for what I am sure is going to be a stupendous second season. The action is dailed up as is the gore, but once again it is the various character  moments throughout that is this shows real strengh. The various subplots and storylines that give us insight into the lives that the superheros lead when they are not doing their bit are ever present. I particularly enjoyed Homelander trying to bond with his son and also loved the tension between Hughie and Billy as The Boys go out on a mission to find the super terrorist and hand him over to the authorities.

Overall. This is a promising beginning and its going to get really, really personal for Billy and his team as the try and take down The Seven and Vought industries.

The Boys Ep 1,2 & 3
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