In Review: The Boys (S2 – E5) – We Gotta Go Now

VoughtStudios begins filming on 'Dawn of The Seven', which introduces the team's newest member Stormfront. 
The Boys

Synopsis: VoughtStudios begins filming on ‘Dawn of The Seven’, which introduces the team’s newest member Stormfront.


The Story

VoughtStudios has begun work on the new movie ‘Dawn of The Seven’, which marks the exit of A-Train from the team and the introduction of Stormfront. Trouble is brewing on the set as Homelander messes with Queen Maeve’s head by introducing a Lesbian love story to the plot of the film, which implies a threat to her real-life girlfriend. Added to all of this is Stormfront’s scheming to get to the top of the pile by manipulating pretty much everyone including Homelander by helping him try and clean up a PR nightmare.

Elsewhere, Billy Butcher has pretty much thrown in the towel after having been rejected by his wife Beckie. In order to lick his wounds, he heads off to visit his Aunt but doesn’t count on Mothers Milk and Hughie turning up to try and talk him around to rejoin the team. Things get complicated when Black Noir turns up.

Meanwhile in Ohio. The Deep has joined the spiritual community and gotten married in order to try and clean up his image in hopes of getting back into The Seven.


The Acting

There’s a lot of fun stuff in this episode and some brilliant acting performances from the whole cast. Karl Urban continues to knock it out of the park as Billy Butcher and is brilliantly deadpan with his delivery of many of the shows funnier lines. Jack Quaid continues to shine as Hughie who gets a brilliant scene with Billy’s Aunt who reveals a possible reason why Billy has taken him under his wing.

In regards to the heroic side of things or not so heroic as the case is. Antony Starr continues to float between uber-evil and completely and utterly unhinged as Homelander. So much so that I am beginning to think that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and American President Donald Trump have been taking lessons in diplomacy from Homelander. Ain’t it funny how life can sometimes imitate art. We also get strong performances from Erin Moriarty and Aya Cash as Starlight and Stormfront who get a bloody brilliant scene in which the two heroes pretty much let each other know where they stand, which is likely to lead to some interesting conflict in the week’s to come.



This episode did a great job of moving all the major character arcs forward and closed out with the mother of all superhero love scenes, which brings new meaning to hot and spicey as Homelander and Stormfront solidify their alliance. Overall great over the top fun and a great incident music score and great choice of songs.

The Boys (S2 - E5) - We Gotta Go Now
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