In Review: The Amazing Mr Blunden (2021)

After moving to an old country house, two kids become involved in an amazing mystery after discovering ghost children.

Synopsis: After moving to an old country house, two kids become involved in an amazing mystery after discovering ghost children. They get some help from a mysterious man named Mr Blunden.


The Story

The Allen family has fallen on hard times. Having lost their father under tragic circumstances. Their mother is doing her best, but children Jamie and Lucy are struggling to adapt. However, their life takes a mysterious turn when they are visited by a mysterious man called Mr. Blunden. Apparently, he is a solicitor and is offering the kid’s mother a job. He asks if she can become the caretaker for a run-down estate.

Taking the Job Mrs. Allen and the kids relocate to the country and find themselves taking care of an old house, which is apparently haunted. Pretty soon Lucy and Jamie encounter two Victorian children by the name of Sara and George. Sara tells Lucy and Jamie that they have traveled forward in time via means of a magic potion. Sara tells the kids that she and George are in danger as Mrs. Wickens is trying to kill them because George stands to inherit the estate.

Having volunteered to help Sara and George. Both Jamie and Lucy take a journey back in time where they proceed to do all in their power to help Sara and George and help Mr. Blunden find redemption for having neglected his duties as their guardian.


The Acting

Simon Callow is perfectly cast as Mr. Blunden and carries off the mystery of the character really well. I loved how he explained the concept of time as being a wheel on which we all stand at different points. I also liked his interactions with the kids.

Jason Rennie and Tsion Habte were brilliantly cast as young teenagers Jamie and Lucy who are the two main Protagonists of the film. It’s both Jame and Lucy that find out about the ghosts and help change the wheel of time as it were for Sara and her brother.

Tamsin Greig is brilliant as the drunken manipulative Mrs. Wickens, while Mark Gatiss is suitably cast as her husband Mr. Wickens.



A remake of the 1972 movie of the same name, which was sort of a sequel to The Railway Children. This updated version of the film is produced by the fantastic Mark Gatiss who does a pretty good job of updating the film for the 21st century.

The production values are fantastic as are the acting performances in general. It’s obvious that Gatiss was very careful to update this film while remaining respectful to the original. The two leads were great in their roles and very representative of modern-day teenagers.

Overall. A fun whimsical film that is well worth a look. A real Christmas treat.

The Amazing Mr Blunden (2021)
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