In Review: The Aliens – Episode 6

With gang war raging, Troy is put into lockdown. Lewis realises that he'd got to bring the conflict to an end.

Synopsis: With gang war raging, Troy is put into lockdown. Lewis realises that he’d got to bring the conflict to an end.

Review: In this series finale Lilyhot reveals her true plan, which pretty much sees her at the top of the tree insofar as the running of Troy is concerned.

Lewis and Lilyhot do have a brief moment in which she warns him that by time she is done he’ll want nothing to do with her.

Dominic gets shot while trying to protect Lewis’s father Antoine from one of Fabian’s hit squads, but it turns out to be just a flesh wound.

The conclusion of the episode sees Troy under new leadership, but it is tenuous due to the fact that the league of aliens have had it with drug gangs and have staged their own version of an intervention, which leaves the fate of Lilyhot somewhat open ended as she places an emergency call for help with Lewis who has settled back into his old life and job as a border guard, but seems to be already trying to change things from the inside by telling his superiors that many of the Morks are just ordinary people like us.

As a series finale we are left with a few threads that can be picked up if the series gets a renewal, but it also ends in such a way that it would not take much imagination on the part of the viewer to be able to figure out the ending. So its not a tidy neat ending, which is something I really enjoyed about this.

Acting performances from Michael Socha, Michael Smiley, Michaela Coel and Jim Howick were really good throughout the series, but for this episode in particular they were all at the very top of their game. If this series gets a renewal and returns next year. I’ll be more than happy to keep following this skilled cast, but if it does not. Then I will take solace in the fact that we had six fantastic episodes of story, which was both edge of your seat and funny as hell with the dark humour that has permeated throughout the show. 

The Aliens - Episode 6
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