In Review: The After Realm Quarterly #1

This first issue does a great job of setting up the story as Oona talks about the end of the world as she knew it and the hand that she mistakenly played in it. 

Synopsis: In the aftermath of Ragnarok, Oona, an elven ranger, sets out into the post-apocalyptic chaos to discover the fate of the old gods. But first, she must fulfill an oath to a lost friend that could doom what’s left of the Nine Realms.

Review: This first issue does a great job of setting up the story as Oona talks about the end of the world as she knew it and the hand that she mistakenly played in it.

The Story

The story opens up just as Loki and his Trollhiem are about to bring their wrath to the outer worlds. Oona, a young girl who is destined to be an Elven Ranger is playing with her best friend Piki who is not of her kind. As the two make a pact to find each other wherever they may go in life. Loki attacks and Oona and her tribe of elves retreat to the caves of Elfhiem for safety. They eventually capture Loki and his Trollhiem and imprison all of them in some magical crystals.

As time passes. Oona becomes less and less satisfied with life in the caves. She wants to get out and explore what is left of the outer worlds and find her friend Piki, but her mother who is head of the rangers forbids her. Fed up Oona decides to take matters into her own hands no matter the consequences. Little does she know that those consequences are.

The Artwork

The art is done by Michael Oeming, Shawn Lee and Taki Soma. So it is kind of difficult to identify who did what, but its all really good and has a unique look to it. I liked the Oona character drawing pretty much right away, but one of the most impressive bits of art in the book is where Oona is trying to save her friend Piki during the attack.  I also liked the art depicting the conversation between Oona and Loki when she is being tempted by the god.


Written and created by Michael Avon Oeming, who is one of the creators behind the comic book series ‘Powers’. After Realm is a rare fantasy story that borrows influences from various sources, which include Ancient Mysteries, Mythology, Dungeons and Dragons, and classic arcade games. In fact, the art style in the book put me in mind of the Nintendo game Legends of Zelda in certain parts. The mythological influences are pretty obvious, but I’m sure there are a few lesser obvious references that I could well find on a second reading of the comic.

Overall. I’m definitely in for the long haul on this one and look forward to the second quarter when issue two will be unleashed.

The After Realm Quarterly #1
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