In Review: Terminator: Dark Fate (Blu Ray)

This review is for the Region 1 North American Release

Synopsis: An augmented human and Sarah Connor must stop an advanced liquid Terminator, from hunting down a young girl, whose fate is critical to the human race.


Given that we actually reviewed the film in December. There isn’t really a great deal more that I can about the film’s story that Benjamin Cassidy hasn’t already said. All I will say is that this film felt very much like a truer sequel to ‘Terminator: Judgement Day’ than any of the previous attempts. You can tell that James Cameron has contributed to the story because of the frenetic pace at which it goes. It is basically one intense chase movie with a bunch of badass cyborgs.

If you would like to check out more about the story. You can check out Bens’ review of the film, which is here. 


This Blu Ray release features about an hours worth of extras, which have included a description of below:

  • Deleted & Extended Scenes

These scenes include extended versions of many of the key action sequences from the film.

  • A Legend Reforged

This is a 23-minute documentary featuring interviews with the team behind the film about bringing back Linda Hamilton in her iconic role as Sarah Connor and the effort to find the right story to make it happen. The documentary includes interviews and comments from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tim Miller, and James Cameron as well as contributions from other key cast members. The conversation throughout the piece is about getting the same level of intensity that fans enjoyed from Terminator: Judgement Day.

  • World Builders

This 20-minute video takes a look at how the creative team on the film went about building an authentic replica of Mexico City in Madrid and how much attention was paid to make it as honest a reproduction as possible.

We also learn about the effort made to produce a believable log cabin for the T-800 insofar as how old the wood needed to be aged up as well as smaller details like photos of the T-800s life showing how he has lived as a human being since completing his mission.

We also get some great insight into the Varied G sequence we see toward the end of the film where Sarah Connor, Dani, Grace, and the T-800 also known as Carl engage the evil Terminator on the plane, which is skipping between having gravity and having no gravity because of the damage it has taken as well as how the autopilot would respond to it. I thought this section of World Builders was really cool and is something that science and aviation geeks will likely enjoy.

  • Dam Busters: The Final Showdown

This gives us a look at how the final showdown came into being and has contributions from cast and crew.

  • VFX Breakdown The Dragonfly

This basically shows off all of the VFX work done on the film, which includes a closer look at the Draganfly Troop Transport. And by a look. We mean a look. It’s basically a bunch of the animations put to the Terminator soundtrack.


This Blu Ray is worth having if like myself you enjoy learning about how various stunts in the film were done as well as hearing the actor’s reactions to the stunt work and the engineering and creativity that goes into successfully pulling much of it off.

Terminator: Dark Fate (Blu Ray)
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