In Review: Tarot (2020) #3 (of 4

Would you believe – THE UNBELIEVABLES?

Synopsis: As the chaos and madness continue to spread, the Avengers and the Defenders find themselves confronted by the most unlikely characters in Marvel history! Would you believe – THE UNBELIEVABLES?

Review: This story has more twists than a rubics cube.

The Story

Having freed themselves from Diablo in the last issue. Captain America, Namor, and the Hulk take the Incher that Diablo was manipulating to The Baxter Building so that Reed Richards and The Fantastic 4 can analyze it. Unfortunately, not even some of sciences greatest minds can figure out what the Icher is. Meanwhile, Thor has returned to Asgard and has not been given the warmest of welcomes by the mighty Heimdil who believes Thor to be an imposter. Elsewhere The Vision and Scarlet Witch have gone over to Dr. Strange’s place to try and find some clue of his whereabouts.

From this point on. Things get even stranger as both Avenger and Defender teams undergo a bizarre facelift and come face to face with The Unbelievables.

The Artwork

Paul Renaud gets a lot to do in this issue as he switches from a normal style of art for the main character to a more cartoony style for the introduction of The Unbelievables. He manages the switch fairly flawlessly thanks to the way in which The Unbelievables get introduced. He seems to have the most fun when he introduces the revamped versions of both Avengers and Defenders teams towards the end of the book. My favorite being Doc Surf who rides the astral planes and is really Dr. Strange. There is also a moment in the book where I thought I had landed in an episode of Wacky Race’s, but done Marvel Style.


This comic book continues to be a ton of fun and is proving to be rather fun to follow given how much strangeness is going on. In short. Alan Davis has given us a story that has more twists and turns than a Rubics Cube.

Avengers & Defenders: Tarot
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