In Review: Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Batman Knightfall (2019) #1

The twisted tale is well worth the read.

Synopsis: Batman: Knightfall”! Thirty years after Bruce Wayne was broken and failed to take back the mantle of the Bat, Jean-Paul Valley, now known as Saint Batman, has turned Gotham into the city of his dreams. In his new order, killing has become commonplace and criminals live in constant fear all in the name of justice. But just when all seems lost, a new hope for Gotham City rises…the son of Bane!

Review: Set in a universe where Bruce Wayne never recovered from his encounter with Bane. This story is a twisted tale that will be well worth the read for those looking for an edgier take on Batman’s universe.

The Story

This issue begins with a being called Tempus Fuginaut narrating about a world in which Batman never took back control of Gotham after Bane broke his back. In this world, Jean-Paul Valley took over the mantle of Batman and rebranded as Saint Batman, but Valley is weak-willed and hooked on Banes venom, which gives him incredible strength. He also visits a broken Bruce Wayne every year to seek his approval, but the Bruce Wayne he visits is nothing than a spine with a torso and head that is breathing via technology.

Saint Batman runs into trouble when Bane’s son who is being helped by Shiva come up with a plan to give Bruce Wayne a second chance at life as The Batman, but things do not go as they would hope.

The Artwork

Javier Fernandez brings us some great artwork for this issue, which is appropriately dark, brooding, rough and ready. Perhaps one of the most shocking panels to take in from this issue is the one where Jean-Paul visits Bruce Wayne and we see that he is literally nothing but a spine with a head and a bit of a torso.

Some of the action in this is gruesome. There is a particularly grizzly panel where Saint Batman rips someone’s arm off so he can drink venom from it. So be sure to have not consumed any food shortly before reading this issue.


Part of a new mini-series. This is the first issue and is followed up with a new take on ‘The Death of Superman’, which is also out and will be read and reviewed in the next few days.

Writers Scott Snyder and Kyle Higgins have truly plunged into the deepest darkest depths of their creative souls here and delivered something that will potentially give you cold sweats.

As far as this tale goes. It ends on an absolute shocker where we get to see what 30 – years of suffering have done to the mind of Bruce Wayne. I am hoping that all the various stories will come together toward the end of the run, but I really look forward to seeing Batman break bad.

Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Batman Knightfall (2019) #1
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