In Review: Swamp Thing – Worlds Apart

Abby and Matt follow one of her patients into the swamp.

Synopsis: Abby and Matt follow one of her patients into the swamp.

Review: This week’s story offers up more great effects and pushes the story arc along just enough to keep fans happy.

The Story

The little girl that Abby has been treating for the virus has a nightmare, which compels her to run away to a particular part of the swamp where the Swamp Thing lives. She gets there in time to witness some low life’s retrieving boxes from the swamp. They are acting on the orders of Avery Sunderland who has threatened them if he or anyone close to him is implicated in the entire operation.

Still dealing with the sudden death of Alec. Abby goes to his home in order to try and figure out what he was researching. She learns that he was attracted to her via a video entry in his vlog. Shortly after learning this she gets a call from the CDC to tell her that Susie. The young girl that she was treating for the virus has gone missing.

With some help from Matt who is one of the police officers that patrols the swamp. Abby looks for Susie and when she eventually finds the young girl. She meets Swamp Thing for the first time. While talking to Susie on the way back to the CDC. Abby learns the shocking true identity of Swamp Thing.

The Acting

There are some really good performances this week. Will Patton is particularly menacing as Avery Sunderland who appears to be heading up the somewhat dodgy research that the crooks are doing with the boxes in the swamp. At present little has been revealed other than it is the potential cause of the virus that struck the town in the pilot episode. May even be the trigger that created Swamp Thing.

We also get a brief but solid performance from Jennifer Beals as Matt’s mother Lucille who is warning him to not get to close to Abby.


It’s fair to say that this episode was fairly slow to get going given that it spends a great deal of time dealing with the aftermath of last week, but once it does get going it peels back a few new layers of the story, but not so much as to give the entire game away.

The scenes in the Swamp are really well executed and the action is punctuated by a suitably chilling soundtrack, which has the desired effect of making one sit bolt upright.

Overall. A fairly decent second episode. But I want more time in the swamp.

Swamp Thing - Worlds Apart
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