In Review: Swamp Thing – The Anatomy Lesson

While Abby and Liz track down the secret Conclave facility, Jason Woodrue conducts experiments on Swamp Thing

Synopsis: While Abby and Liz track down the secret Conclave facility, Jason Woodrue conducts experiments on Swamp Thing.

Review: In this penultimate episode Alec finds himself some answers.

The Story

Swamp Thing has been captured and taken to a secret facility where Woodrue is able to conduct secret experiments, which he hopes will lead to a cure for his wife’s condition.

Abby and Liz investigate the disappearance of Swamp Thing and the clues they find along the way eventually lead them to the secret facility and danger. Back at the hospital Daniel is recovering and gets a visit from the mysterious man that brokered the deal with him that enabled Daniel to become the Blue Devil. The man shows Daniel a possible future for Abby and Liz, which will happen if he does not wear the Blue Devil mask in order to save them.

Meanwhile, Maria Sunderland is riding high now that she has gotten rid of her husband, but her newly found confidence is undermined when Avery shows up alive and well and has her sectioned.

The Acting

Ian Ziering puts in a decent performance as Daniel. The shocked expression on his face when he learns of the potential fate of Abby and Liz was very well judged. As were the characters conflicted feelings about wearing The Blue Devil Mask.

I also enjoyed seeing Kevin Durand put on his very best Dr. Frankenstien impersonation as he literally dissects Swamp Thing while simultaneously holding a conversation with him. These scenes alone break some new ground in the Dr. Frankenstien trope as far as I’m concerned and Durand is just brilliant with these off the wall characters.


This is a really strong penultimate episode and shows you why so many fans are feeling so incredibly burned by DC Networks decision to cancel this series. The revelation that Alec makes about his new life as Swamp Thing at the close is done brilliantly and is a bittersweet pill to swallow.

I really enjoyed how they used the Blue Devil in this episode. They had been building to this for weeks and to finally see it get paid off was kind of relief given how much effort was spent in planting the seeds for it in earlier episodes.

All the characters are at some sort of crossroads now. So hopefully we’ll get to see as much paid off in next weeks series finale.

Swamp Thing - The Anatomy Lesson
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