In Review: Swamp Thing – Loose Ends

This season one finale, which is most likely the season finale only illustrates how much the DC Streaming service has messed up by canceling this show. 

Synopsis: Abby is blaming herself for Alec. While Avery is looking to get even with the other woman that betrayed him.

Review: This season one finale, which is most likely the season finale only illustrates how much the DC Streaming service has messed up by canceling this show.

The Story

The story picks up from where things left off last week. Abby is blaming herself for not being able to help Alec. Matt has crashed his squad car while dealing with the emotional fallout of working with his mum to try and kill Avery, and Jason Woodrue has taken some drastic measures to try and cure his wife’s Alzheimers using organs he has harvested from Swamp Thing.

Meanwhile, Avery who is very much alive is looking to get even with Lucillia for attempting to murder him. While this is going on his business associate is working alongside some mercenaries to try and kill Swamp Thing.

The Acting

Selena Anduze puts in a brilliant performance as Caroline Woodrue who has to stay absolutely catatonic while her onscreen Husband experiments on himself and then her. The level of concentration required to remain perfectly still and motionless while still conscious like that is immense and Anduze nails it.

Also really good this week is Andy Bean. He gets a tough scene in the latter part of the episode where Alec’s consciousness is having a conversation with Swamp Thing. Again this is a tough scene to nail given that it requires the actor to use two completely different voicings and not deviate from either one.


This is both a solid and disappointing finale for the series. Solid because it hits every single one of its story beats perfectly and provides us with some interesting and fun character arcs. Disappointing because if DC does not change their minds or if Warner Bros do nothing to bring this show back. This will be the only season of Swamp Thing we get to see. Which is a damn travesty given that it is the best-damned thing that has been produced for the DC Streaming Service.

The episode ends with a thrilling post-credits scene, which shows you where it would have gone had it been picked up for season 2.

Swamp Thing - Loose Ends
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