In Review: Swamp Thing – Long Walk Home

After a harrowing journey of survival through the swamp, Avery comes face to face with Swamp Thing, who rescues the injured man.


Review: This episode sees a few twists and turns introduced and ends with an almighty cliffhanger.

The Story

Having survived being shot by Lucillia. Avery Sunderland now has to survive the swamp as he is taunted by hallucinations and flashbacks to his childhood with an abusive father. After a bit of time, Avery is rescued by Swamp Thing, who tells Avery about what happened to him. Avery vows to return to the swamp with Woodrue and promises to find a cure for Alec.

Back in Atlanta a rather tired looking Abby has returned to CDC headquarters with a sample from the dark side of the swamp. She is greeted with suspicion by the new head of CDC Dr. Palomar who immediately reads Abby the riot act for failing to meet the daily check-ins with CDC while she was in the swamp.

Meanwhile, Nathan Ellery who has invested in Woodrues research via Avery and Maria Sunderland has apparently learned about Abby and her relationship with Swamp Thing and tries to solicit her help in regards to gaining access to him. Abby refuses and heads back to the Swamp.

The episode closes with Avery and Woodrue meeting with Swamp Thing, but they are not alone.

The Acting

We get a guest appearance from Adrienne Barbeau who is a hard as nails as CDC Dr. Palomar who is quick to chastise Abby for not following procedures. It’s too bad that Barbeau only has a short stint in this episode.

We also get a great performance from Andy Bean and Will Patton. The confrontational conversation that takes place between Swamp Thing and Avery Sunderland is brilliantly acted and a lot of fun to watch.


This was a really solid episode, which joins up a lot of the plot threads that have been slowly getting unraveled over the last few weeks. My favorite moments were seeing Avery get mentally tortured by the Swamp with a number of hallucinations. I wish we could have had a little more of this before Swamp Thing saved him.

The scenes at the CDC also produced some pretty decent scenes, but I felt that Adrienne Barbeau didn’t really get enough to do in this episode, but hope that her role gets expanded in future episodes.

Swamp Thing - Long Walk Home
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