In Review: Swamp Thing – He Speaks

Alec reveals himself to Abby and gives her a valuable clue to help with her patients. 

Synopsis: Alec reveals himself to Abby and gives her a valuable clue to help with her patients.

Review: This episode sheds some more light on the experimental boxes, which we have been seeing getting dropped into the swamp.

The Story

The episode begins with Alec reliving the memory of having torn a man apart. He suddenly gets a warning from the guy in a vision in which he says he is coming back for him. We then see a scene of the guy’s body being knitted together by a load of insects.

Elsewhere Abbey is still working to find a cure for the mysterious virus, which has infected many of the townspeople. When a fellow medic becomes infected Abby kicks into an extra gear in order to try and help. She goes back to her lab, which she shared with Alec and while she is reading a lot of stats we see a bunch of insects creeping into the room as they gradually take the form of the guy that Swamp Thing killed. He threatens Abby, but she manages to fend him off with a flare. At this point, Swamp Thing smashes into the room and fights the guy in order to protect Abby. Once the guy is subdued he orders the insects to release him. We then get a brief few moments where Abby asks Swamp Thing if he is really Alec. She gets her answer as well as a vital clue that helps her with the infected people. Swamp Thing reveals that the Virus gets worse when it is subjected to antibiotics. With this new information, Abby manages to save the life of her fellow Doctor as well as many of the other patients.

Elsewhere, Avery Sunderland is running out of funds for his shady research concerning the boxes. He gets a visit from Gordon Haas who has been using the bank’s money in order to fund Avery’s research. Haas is struggling to find a way to cover up how he has been providing the funds and tells Avery to look for another source of revenue. He suggests that he ask his wife Maria, who naturally refuses.

The Acting

Will Patton is absolutely chewing the scenery as Avery who is a very desperate man that will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Patton is doing a brilliant job of channeling this and the scene where he confronts Haas is absolutely chilling.

Virginia Madsen puts in a solid performance as Maria Sunderland this week and we get a bit more information as to why she is like she is. The moment where she gets the vision of her dead daughter who is pretty much warning her about Avery is really well done. I also thought the moment where Maria refuses to provide Avery with more funding was absolutely brilliant.


This was a wonderful episode with a load of great visuals and some genuinely chilling moments. I love the fact that Alec is now able to communicate with Abby and we get a really sad moment where Abby is dancing with Matt Cable in the bar and out in the distance behind some shrubs. Alec is watching her looking very sad.

The confrontation between Swamp Thing and insect guy was really well done.

Overall. A solid episode, which moves the story along at just the right pace.

Swamp Thing - He Speaks
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