In Review: Swamp Thing – Darkness on the Edge of Town

Abby's return to the town drags up her dark past with the Sunderlands.

Synopsis: Abby’s return to the town drags up her dark past with the Sunderlands. While the Swamp Thing senses a growing darkness within the swamp, we learn more about Daniel Cassidy.

Review: The series starts to delve a little more into the mysteries surrounding the swamps and an accident leads to a dark spirit being unleashed on the town.

The Story

While up to no good in the Swamp a young domestic gets infected by a nasty entity that feeds off of a person’s darkest fears. As he returns to town, he vows that he will never visit the swamp again and proceeds to have a nasty hallucination where he is being attacked by a snake. In the struggle, the owner of the diner where the young man works tries to restrain him, but gets scratched, which is how the virus is passed on. The young man dies when he severs his hand off.

Abby is called in to find out what has happened and witnesses the owner of the diner go into a full-blown hallucination. He winds up being restrained by Sherriff Cable who gets scratched. Abby, who has been studying a tissue sample provided her by Swamp Thing returns to the swamp in order to try and find out what is happening. Swamp Thing tells her that he senses a darkness, which prompts Abby to rush back to town when she realizes that the darkness, which Swamp Thing is talking about has been passed onto Sherriff Cable.

Elsewhere, Avery Sunderland is trying to get into his wife’s good graces to try and get more money from her. To that end. He spots an opportunity when he sees his wife talking to the little girl that Abby saved from the Swamp.

The Acting

Crystal Reed puts in a pretty solid performance as Abby who has an interesting scene early on in the episode with fellow scientist Jason Woodrue, who is played by the fantastic Kevin Durand. Woodrue is interested in the tissue sample, which Abby got from Swamp Thing, which can’t possibly be a good thing.


This was a pretty good episode, which moves things along rather nicely. We get a little backstory for Avery Sunderland, which may explain why he is so messed up. But we also get a little more, but not too much insight into Daniel who believes he was called to the town.

I’ve really enjoyed how the series thus far has teased us with small amounts of information. Such as Swamp Thing’s gradual understanding of the Swamp as well as the story surrounding the Sunderlands, particularly the tragedy, which turned Maria Sunderland into such a basket case.

Swamp Thing - Darkness on the Edge of Town
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