In Review: Swamp Thing – Brilliant Disguise

Swamp Thing takes Abby to a dark part of the Swamp

Synopsis: Now able to take on his human appearance for Abby. Swamp Thing takes her to a dark part of the swamp. So she can obtain a sample for danger.

Review: Things get a little edgier this week as Abby finds herself in danger and Lucillia has malicious intent toward Avery.

The Story

Abby is now able to see Swamp Things human form of Alec and persuades him to take her to the dark part of the swamp where she can get a sample of the rot, which caused the virus that brought her and the CDC to town.  Alec reluctantly agrees and warns that it will be very dangerous.

Meanwhile, things are getting interesting with regards to the status of Maria Sunderland who has seemingly made a miraculous recovery from her ordeal and is clear-headed enough to take on Avery’s business dealing in his absence.

Elsewhere, Lucillia has taken Avery on a trip to the swamp with the intention to kill him.

The Acting

Virginia Madsen puts in a wonderful performance in this episode as she becomes a high powered businesswoman and begins to take care of Avery’s business. We also get a compelling performance from Jennifer Beals as Lucilla, who is about to put her Sheriff’s badge to one side in order to stop the rot that is Avery Sunderland.


This was a really strong outing for the series, which even managed to give me a bit of a scare, which is very rare because I tend not to get myself psyched out when it comes to horror and stuff like that. Meaning it is usually something rather mundane like a sudden door slamming or a sudden bang that will often make me jump. In this instance, it was the moment when the rot grabbed hold of Abby’s wrist. It was a very visceral moment that made me jump out of my skin.

With Maria now seemingly in charge of Avery’s business dealings and Avery having survived his ordeal, but out in the swamp. I’m really excited to see where this goes as the show draws to its conclusion in the weeks to come.

And like most fans. I also felt a tinge of sadness when Swamp Thing told Abby to leave. It was only a tinge though because we all know that she will return.

Swamp Thing - Brilliant Disguise
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