In Review: Supernatural, Episode 288 “The Rising Son”

Solid episode with Jack's character expanding and several returning characters.

Supernatural, Episode 288 “The Rising Son” Broadcast on October 19, 2017

Written by Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner

Directed by Thomas J. Wright

Then: Crowley, Kelly, and Cass are dead. Mom and Lucifer are in an alternate dimension. Son of Satan, Jack, is going to be taken to the Winchester brothers’ bunker until they can understand what to do with him. However, Dead says, “Until I figure out a way to end him.”

Now: In Hell, Asmodeus arrives to take over until Lucifer and his son return. “The corporate lackeys of the Crowley era are being purged.” The suit wearing demons look nervous. “The grand old days of fire and brimstone are back.” All but three of demons are killed. “There’s a new sheriff in town.” His eyes glow an evil yellow. Cue opening title sequence.

There’s a lot to like in this episode, foremost the conflict between Sam and Dean over what to do with Jack. Notice the neat direction by Wright having Sam in red lighting, which is most appropriate given that he’s supporting demonic Jack. When Dean mentions the newborn teen, he, too, gets a nice splash of red. Every conversation between the brothers is classic Winchester head-butting, with Sam trying to win over Dean, while the eldest having absolutely none of it. Even the arrival of a familiar supporting character, I’ll not spoil, can’t change Dean’s mind. This supporting character is fantastic in both of his roles. Jared Padalecki gets the best moments of the brothers in this episode, trying to get Dean to change his mind and his scenes one-on-one with Jack. Alexander Calvert really shines in this episode. Viewers are just waiting for him to go over to the Dark Side, but Jack continues to walk a fine line between good and evil. Jack’s final scene in the episode with Dean, and how he’s found, is outstanding. Not so good is Lucifer and Mary in the Mirror Supernaturalverse. The set is painful to look at, reminiscent of 1970s Doctor Who episodes shot in gravel pits. Their continual circling of this set has me only thinking “budget saver” and not “cool.” The action that occurs there isn’t any better. It adds nothing to the Jack story nor their own tale.

The good: Good direction, Sam getting a sweet sympathetic tone in several scenes, Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Asmodeus, Alexander Calvert continuing to excel as Jack, a Scooby-Doo tease, and a strong conclusion.

Fun lines: “You have no idea what I care about,” “Write that down,” “Not yet,” “I’m right here, you know,” “So do I,” “You’re welcome,” “Housekeeping is not gonna like this,” and “Are you going to smite me?”

The bad: Not a lot of action, still no Castiel or Crowley, and the Mirror Supernaturalverse’s set.

The final line: Solid episode with Jack’s character expanding and several returning characters. A good follow-up to last week’s premiere. Overall grade: B+

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