In Review: Supernatural, Episode 230 “Into the Mystic”

Dee Wallace steals the episode involving a really creepy entity.

Supernatural, Episode 230 “Into the Mystic” Broadcast on January 27, 2016

Written by Robbie Thompson

Directed by John Badham

Then: Sam thinks God wants him to go back in the cage with Lucifer, Lucifer tells Sam the Darkness is the end of everything, Satan takes over Castiel’s body, and Darkness tells Dean that they are bonded and whenever he’s with her it’ll feel like bliss. “You and I will be together forever.” Now: County Cork, Ireland…30 years ago. A wife comes home to her husband playing a record for their baby girl. Their moments of joy are interrupted by a scream that has the husband holding his head in pain. He begins to bleed from his nose, ears, and eyes. The wife runs to the kitchen to make something, just as a spirit appears near her spouse, who’s banging his head against a wall. The spirit knocks the woman down and goes to feed off the dead husband, but leaves him when it hears the cries of the baby. The mother slits her wrist, causing blood to spill into her concoction. The spirit vanishes. The mother reaches for her crying infant, but falls down dead. Cue opening title sequence.

In the Winchesters’ bunker, Sam’s sleep is haunted by Lucifer’s words. Dean wakes up to find his brother has been up for some time cleaning guns. He’s concerned because Sam hasn’t left the bunker in days. Luckily, Dean found a case to get Sam out of the place: a ghost or demonic possession. Sam’s worried about the Darkness and Cas. “Cas?” Dean says. “Cas’ll be fine. He always is.” Castiel is in a park, feeding the birds and watching children play. A man in a suit follows Cas from a distance as the angel goes off on a nature trail. The man produces an angel-killing blade, and some stuff is said, and some stuff happens. Meanwhile, the boys arrive at Oak Park Retirement Living where they learn from Manager Arthur that he heard the dead man yell out “Get it out of my head!” before dying. Their investigations lead them to a graveyard, where they do something they used to do all the time during Season One. However, back at the retirement home, Arthur hears a wail. He sees the spirit; his eyes and ears bleed. He beats his head against a window until he falls out. Someone sees the spirit eating his brain.

It’s been a while since new Hunters have been introduced, so it was good to see one show up in this episode. Shoshannah Stern is great because it’s been a while since there’s been a kick ass good gal on the show and I’d like to see more of her. The effects of the episode were outstanding on the monster, with her popping in and out of scenes excellently and her flowing hair was spectacular. Big props to the effects team! The scene stealer of the episode was Dee Wallace. Any scene she was in was quote worthy because of how smitten she was with Dean. Even funnier were the scenes where she wasn’t vocalizing any comments about him (You’ll understand once you see the episode). I was a little taken aback at how easy it was to kill the monster, but the episode wasn’t about monster killing. It was more about how the brothers are facing their own demons, not knowing that Castiel is the biggest one in front of them.

The good: Dee Wallace, Mischa Collins, Shoshannah Stern, the effects, a squirrel stealing the scene with the angels in the forest (Look, it’s running behind the attacker!), the fantastic elevator eyes from Wallace, a terrific palm of an item from Jensen Ackles, and hilarious language specific scenes.

Fun lines: “I come in peace, brother,” “Lucifer ex machina,” “…no vision,” “Dean, tell me everything,” “Yeah, I know,” “Don’t judge what you don’t understand, Sammy,” “I can see that,” “Follow your heart,” and — My vote for best line of the year for this season — “I could move it up.”

The bad: An easy monster kill and the brothers having a heart to heart while, once again, not telling each other the truth. I’m over them doing this.

The final line: Dee Wallace steals the episode involving a really creepy entity. Good intro episode to hook people into watching the series. Overall grade: A-


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  • Dakota60
    1 February 2016 at 1:43 am -

    Sam opened up to Dean, and has been all season so far. Dean opened up to Luciel I think because he need someone to talk to and Sam is too close to him. Dean can’t reason out why Amara (did you notice Dean calls her Amara while Sam says the Darkness) has such a hold on him. I don’t think he is keeping her a secret on purpose. I think he is protecting her (and maybe Sam) in a way.

    • Patrick Hayes
      1 February 2016 at 1:51 am -

      Oh, he’s protecting Sam and Amara. Dean, and to a lesser degree Sam, is all about sacrificing himself for the cause, but he’s too attracted/linked/bonded to Amara to sell her out. I’m hoping there’s another scene where he’s alone with her. Plus, the Banshee went for Dean because he was the “weakest” in the room–his desire to be with Amara?

      • Mari
        1 February 2016 at 5:38 am -

        Good post love supernatural