In Review: Supernatural, Episode 226 “Plush”

The story falls apart in the last fifteen minutes, but the buildup is great!

Supernatural, Episode 226 “Plush” Broadcast November 18, 2015

Written by Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder

Directed by Tim Andrew

Then: Sheriff Donna learns about the existence of supernatural creatures, Sam is really afraid of clowns, and Dean learns that his brother has begun to pray. “When was the last time,” Dean says, “God answered one of our prayers?” Now: A wife asks her husband to take out the trash. He refuses because the game he’s watching is in overtime. As she grabs the bag of waste, a figure wearing a giant rabbit head is shown outside. While she empties the trash, the rabbit goes inside and stuff happens. Cue opening title sequence.

In the compound, Sam is praying in his room and Dean catches him doing so. They have a heated discussion as they go into the main room. On the table is a collection of every pre-Biblical work that Castiel could find them. Sam can’t read half of them, and the other half lead no where in their knowledge to learn about Amara. Dean’s phone goes off and it’s Sheriff Donna: the bunny incident occurred in her county. The boys go to Cottage Grove, Minnesota where Donna hugs them to death when they walk into the Larsen County Sheriff’s Office. She says the hippity hopper was caught, but the mask won’t come off. Another officer talks to them and he gives off a specific vibe to the Winchesters. Visiting the prisoner, Donna has to leave and the brothers see the killer’s tee shirt and tattoo on his wrist — Kylie Forever. Finding the right Kylie, she identifies the rabbit as her boyfriend Mike Cook, who acted weird yesterday when they were in a thrift shop; he put on the mask and just walked silently out of the store. Meanwhile, Donna and Doug are transporting Cook when he gets loose and Doug has to shoot him. The mask comes off. That night, the Winchesters and Donna take the mask to a field and burn it. The next day at a high school gym, an athlete works out. His breathing creates a frosty exhale. A jester, the school mascot, walks in, picks up a weight, and goes into the coach’s office where it begins to pummel the educator until the athlete takes him down. Cue first commercial break.

Using some of the creepiest masks possible, this episode starts really strongly. After this, I’m afraid I’m going to be running into a lot of rabbits that look like this one at next year’s San Diego Comic Con. However, when it’s revealed who’s responsible for all the creepiness, and the origin is shown through flashback, the story becomes entirely predictable. By the time viewers are at the final setting, I knew what would happen, and it did. A really disappointment, considering how strong the first three quarters of the episode was. The show is book ended with talk of prayer, god, and the cage, which deals with elements of the season’s arc, and they didn’t reveal too much; they seemed inserted to remind constant viewers, “Hey, we’re still doing this stuff!” Too forced and too little. The episode wasn’t a complete loss as Briana Buckmaster was back as Sheriff Donna Hanscum, and I still believe she should have her own series. She was a hoot, don’cha know. Everytime I see that little lady on the screen I just wanna make myself all quaint and cozy under a quilt, enjoy some hot dish, and just have one jim dandy of a good time. Buckmaster masterfully delivers her lines, walking that fine line between comedy and serious drama, and never takes a misstep. She’s awesome and I want much, much more of her. A special mention must be made of Sam in the elevator; it’s a squirmer of a scene!

The good: Briana Buckmaster, the story until leaving the hospital, and the creepiest masks ever!

Fun lines: “Really?”, “I won’t be once bitten, twice Douged,” “All right, where’s the wascially wabbit?”, “Just shoot a hoot if you need me,” “My diet secret,” “You betcha,” and “Your life’s like one big poop storm.”

The bad: The story falls apart in the last fifteen minutes, but the buildup is great! Overall grade: B-

Patrick Hayes was a contributor to the Comic Buyer's Guide for several years with "It's Bound to Happen!" and he's reviewed comics for TrekWeb and TrekCore. He's taught 8th graders English for 20 years and has taught high school English for five years and counting. He reads everything as often as he can, when not grading papers or looking up Star Trek, Star Wars, or Indiana Jones items online.
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