In Review: Supernatural, Episode 222 “The Bad Seed”

The Darkness is maturing in Hell as an Angel runs amok. Where else can this be found except on Supernatural?

Supernatural, Episode 222 “The Bad Seed” Broadcast on October 21, 2015

Written by Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming

Directed by Jensen Ackles

Then,” Rowena puts the whammy on Castiel to kill her son Crowley, Dean calls Cass and learns that Rowena has escaped with the Book of the Damned and the Codex, baby Amara has a tattoo similar to the one Darkness showed Dean, the baby grows into a nine year old and Crowley wants her, Castiel kills his angel captors, and escapes to the Winchesters’ compound where the brothers find him on the floor. “Help me,” the angel says. “Now,” Rowena has gathered three witches to create a new grand coven, whose name they don’t approve of. When they blow her off after her boasting of killing Crowley, she uses the Book to kill them. “He lives?” she asks the now empty room before loosing a scream. Cue opening title sequence.

Dean is lost in the past when Darkness swallowed him and he saw an adult version of her. Sam breaks him out of his memory to discuss Amara. Cas is chained by the brothers since they think he’s “still kinda a wild card.” Sam suggests contacting “God’s Scribe” for help, but Dean doesn’t. The witch’s spell seems to be causing Castiel greater pain than ever before. In Hell, a minion tells Crowley his mother has been located, so the King of Hell sends demons to kill her, while he makes sure young Amara is on his side. In a restaurant, two recruits recoil from Rowena’s suggestion to join her, until she mentions she has the Book of the Damned. A waiter’s eyes then go black and he slices the throat of one of the newbies, but Rowena easily makes her escape. That night at the compound, Dean can’t understand why Crowley isn’t picking up the phone. The boys want Cas to think of where Metatron is, but the tortured angel is again hit by the spell, which causes him to writhe in pain. Castiel falls to the floor convulsing. Cue first commercial break.

This episode resolves around Castiel’s Rowena whammy and has Amaya finding her inner badness. The story has some fun moments, shared equally among the cast, and it was directed by Dean himself, Jensen Ackles. Misha Collins seemed to be living the actor’s dream as he gets to punch his director/co-star in the face several times. How cathartic was that? I expected Ackles to be in little of the episode as most actor/directors tend to cover stories that don’t involve much of their character, but Dean was in the usual amount of this episode, so kudos to Ackles for pulling off double duty: acting and directing. Mark Sheppard has some great moments as the tries to keep Amara/The Darkness on his side, but even a casual viewer knows that his desires will never come to fruition. Jared Padalecki and Ackles have some good scenes together, the best being as they’re in the Impala and Rowena is in the back seat, stirring up trouble. The episode really belongs to Collins, who gets to play pained, pitiful, and zombie-angel. The best way to get viewer’s sympathies is to beat Misha down, and he’s, again, put through the wringer and it’s great to watch.

The good: Jensen Ackles’ double duties, Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, a fantastic bar scene with two new characters on opposite sides having a conversation (MORE PLEASE!) — reminded me of the old Looney Tunes cartoons where the Coyote and the Sheepdog checked into work casually, and what Cas finds on Dean’s computer.

Fun lines: “It’s more of a time bomb than a baby,” “A-force-of-nature,” “Eye of the beholder,” “We are mightier than God,” “Fortune Nookie…”, (In unison:) “No!”, “I had it coming,” and “I said, ‘I’m hungry!'”

The bad: Still not a fan of Ruth Connell as Rowena. And who chose the Lady Gaga hairdo for the back alley?

The final line: The Darkness is maturing in Hell as an Angel runs amok. Where else can this be found except on Supernatural? Overall grade: A-

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