In Review: Supernatural, Episode 214 “Book of the Damned”

Terrific new villains, one character is reborn, and a character makes a really wrong choice. Fun!

Supernatural, Episode 214 “Book of the Damned” Broadcast on April 15, 2015

Written by Robbie Thompson

Directed by P.J. Pesce

“Then,” Metatron takes Castiel’s grace, angels fall to earth, Metatron is made human, the demon tablets won’t help Dean rid himself of the Mark of Cain, Castiel is being lead to his grace by Metatron, Sam tells Charlie the Book of the Damned may help Dean, Rowena can’t use her magic to kill Dean, Crowley tells the oldest Winchester his mother believes the Mark to be just a curse that can be removed, and Sam tells his brother they’ll find a way to remove it. “Now,” in an alley a hoodied individual with a sword hides among the dumpsters, pursued by two individuals. Taking off her hood, Charlie is obviously worried. The pair of thugs stop in their tracks, the smaller of the two producing a Steampunk flavored compass which spins in their prey’s direction. Charlie kills the larger of the two and pins the other to a wall. He tells her that even if he dies his people will never stop pursuing her. Then he begins to list, much to her horror, her previous locations. Unsettled by his words, she drops her guard and he disarms her. She runs, but is shot in the back. “You can’t run forever, little girl!” he yells at her. Cue opening title sequence.

Castiel drives, while Metatron waxes incessantly about being human. The gruff sounding angel calls Sam to ask if he can do something, but is told to wait until Metatron helps them. The younger Winchester ends their conversation when Dean enters the room. He tells Sam about meeting with Crowley and being impervious to Rowena’s spells. “The Mark is an actual curse,” he says. Charlie then calls to tell him she’s been shot. She reveals she has the Book of the Damned, but can’t read it. However, she also found some translations. The boys are thrills, but she’s being chased. She doesn’t know who is after her, though she saw a wrist tattoo on the shooter. The brothers direct her to one of Bobby’s old Hunter hideout cabins. She tells them to bring everything they can to decode the old, scary book. Cue first commercial break.

A solid episode that focuses on the Mark storyline, with Castiel getting a sizeable chunk of the story, and Felicia Day’s Charlie is always fun to have around. Misha Collins’s reactions to Curtis Armstrong’s ravings were hilarious. These two actors feed off each other fabulously, even if their characters can’t stand each other. I was glad to see Metatron not be a punch line in this episode, though it sure looked like it was going that way. There’s also the introduction of new group of antagonists and they were great. I look forward to seeing more of them, should they appear. Heck, their backstory hints at enough evil to have them be the villains for an entire season. Jeff Branson really needs to come back. Jared Padalecki got some strong scenes this episode, with Sam’s time with Charlie being some of his strongest work for the season. It was nice to see Sam acknowledge his life choice. That conclusion was also a humdinger, with the person being addressed being obvious, but I still yelled at the television–“Stupid! You’re being so stupid!” Can’t wait for next week.

The good: Felicia Day, Misha Collins, Curtis Armstrong, Jeff Branson (He really needs to come back!), Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles getting a great scene in a convenience store, the super direction by P.J. Pesce (Especially on the page turnings with the Book and that convenience store reveal), the most disgusting sound in the history of the show, a terrific reveal from Metatron, and a sensational fan pleasing rebirth.

Fun lines: “It sure is catchy,” “Can I just kill him now?”, “Sand between our toes…”, “O…M…Me!”, “I don’t miss digestion,” “Merry Christmas!”, “It’s the safest place in the world,” “Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ‘cha think?”, and “Shall we discuss terms?”

The bad: The Mark of Cain storyline doesn’t really progress, as this story only serves to move one element forward for future effects upon the brothers, and that’s next week. Disappointed with how Branson’s character ended up.

The final line: Terrific new villains, one character is reborn, and a character makes a really wrong choice. Fun! Overall grade: A-

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