In Review: Supernatural, Episode 213 “Inside Man”

This is what I want Supernatural to be.

Supernatural, Episode 213 “Inside Man” Broadcast April 1, 2015

Written by Andrew Dabb

Directed by Rashaad Ernesto Green

“Then,” Bobby dies, Metatron tries to cut a deal to get Castiel’s grace, Dean beats up Metatron, Rowena tries to manipulate son Crowley, and he refuses to do anything for her against the Winchesters. “Now,” Sam and Castiel have gone to Oliver Price to partake in a ritual to do “something.” Elsewhere, listening to Kenny Rogers while enjoying Tori Spelling’s book, Bobby’s moment is interrupted by the oldest Winchester. “Bobby…We need your help.” The recipient is very surprised. “Sam?” Cue opening title sequence.

“24 hours earlier,” in the Winchester bunker, screams from Dean’s room wakes Sam, who runs to his brother’s room with gun drawn. Inside, Dean is having nightmares from the deaths he’s caused from baring the Mark of Cain. The next morning, the older Winchester is surprised Sam’s got nothing for them to investigate. Sam leaves Dean after he opts out of going with his younger sibling to see a French movie. The film was a ploy to have Dean stay behind, as Sam meets Castiel over his brother’s worsening condition. Cas says he’ll try to help. In Hell, Rowena is painting runes on her nude body, but stops when disturbed by Crowley’s entrance. After she gets him to leave by disclosing too much personal information, she recovers a hidden box to retrieve a dagger, whose appearance elicits a grin from her. Back in the bunker, Dean is talking to someone on his cellphone while doing terrible things in Sam’s room. His mischief ends when he notices the Mark. The scene then moves to a familiar playground at night where Sam and Castiel meet with an angel who’s refusing the latter entrance to Heaven. The portal opens and the angel before them releases its hold on its vessel to allow another angel in–Hannah. She’s refusing to allow the pair to see Metatron, even if he says he can help with the Mark because they’ll release him to get his information. Three other angels appear to defend the portal, so Sam convinces Castiel to leave. “We go to Plan B,” Sam says. “We break him out.” Cue first commercial break.

This is the Supernatural I love! Rowena gets to be evil (and stop whining for a while), Crowley gets his evil back on, after a great, honest scene with Dean, Rowena finally has something happen to her that I’ve been waiting for, Sam does something major behind his brother’s back, Castiel returns, Bobby also returns in sensational fashion, a new section of Heaven is shown, Metatron returns with something terrific happening to him in the last act, and Jensen Ackles gets a sensational acting moment in the very last scene. This is how the Mark of Cain should be addressed, rather than in the prelude and coda to the story, as it’s been for the last few episodes. It was great to see Jim Beaver back in action, with his character’s fate left dangling in the end. This is what I need Supernatural to be.

The good: Jensen Ackles and Mark Sheppard’s scene (love the drink choices!), Jared Padalecki delivering a fantastic closing, Mark Sheppard’s character growing, Curtis Armstrong at his arrogant best, Jim Beaver–Lord I miss him and his character, and how Hell uses Windows 8.

Fun lines: “Snow day,” “Please stop talking,” “You should be,” “Not anymore,” “Hello, boys,” “Not possible!”, “Balls!”, “Welcome to the party,” “Well, howdy, fellas,” “Looks like a Fraggle,” and “Chop, chop.”

The bad: I was done with Rowena and Ruth Connell long ago, and she’s a good chunk of this episode. On the plus side, I hope how she ends the episode is how she stays for a very, very long time.

The final line: This is what I want Supernatural to be. The season arc moves forward and characters change. Overall grade: A

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  • Bradley arch angel
    29 December 2015 at 10:00 pm -

    episode 4 season 11 my fav, right on guys. pure love is being sent your way everyday.

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