In Review: Superman & Lois (S2 – EP9) 30 Days and 30 Nights

Lois thanks Lana for sticking up for Jonathan when he is taunted for getting football season canceled.
30 Days

Synopsis: In 30 Days and 30 Nights Lois thanks Lana for sticking up for Jonathan when he is taunted for getting football season canceled. ┬áJordan’s unexpected departure on the mayoral election day leaves Sarah rattled.


The Story

Having incapacitated General Lane in the last episode. Lucy Lane sets a chain of events into motion, which allows the escape of Ally Allston. Obviously, Ally makes an immediate dash to cross into the parallel earth to join with her counterpart. This forces Superman to crossover without any protection from the effects of the portal, which means that Smallville and America can’t rely on his services.

Picking up the slack for Superman is John Henry who manages to just about pull it off, but is in danger of becoming an absent father to Natalie. Meanwhile, Jordon is neglecting Sarah in favor of his training to be the Superhero that Smallville needs to help bust the X-Kryptonite drug ring. His first act is to save Sarah’s father from a pretty serious fire, which leads to Lois finding out about the fact that her father has been training Jordon. Not too happy about the situation. Lois reluctantly agrees to allow Jordan to go on a mission with her and the General, but when things go a bit wrong. Jordan winds up getting a bit more action than he planned for.

Elsewhere, Lana wins the Mayoral election. While her husband continues to struggle with the idea that their marriage might be over.


The Acting

With Tyler Hoechlin absent for much of the episode. The heavy lifting is left to Elizabeth Tulloch and the rest of the cast as various storylines get to play out. Alex Garfin puts in a solid performance as Jordan begins to come into his own as a hero but learns that such responsibilities come at a great personal cost. Garfin really conveys the heartbreak of losing Sarah as his girlfriend really well. So well that the ice in my veins was starting to melt.



30 Days and 30 Nights serves its purpose of wrapping the Mayoral storyline up while simultaneously bringing the X-Kryptonite storyline to a close. Unfortunately, to do so we lost out on the presence of Superman for much of the story, and while Jordan’s storyline of coming into his own was solid. It didn’t feel quite as compelling as the storyline that wasn’t shown on the screen. That of Superman’s time on the other side of the portal. But I have no doubt that we will get caught up on that next week.

Overall though. A pretty good effort with some solid action beats and proper character growth for Jordan.

Superman & Lois (S2 - EP9) 30 Days and 30 Nights
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