In Review: Superman & Lois (S2 – EP6) Tried and True

Sibling Rivalry takes centre stage in an episode that doesn't end well for Superman

Synopsis: In Tried and True. Lois tells Clark that she and Chrissy plan to do a deeper dive into the Inverse Society and Lana and Sarah try to comfort each other after the fallout at Sarah’s quinceañera. Meanwhile, Jordan notices something suspicious in Jonathan’s book bag.


The Story

Sibling rivalry takes centre stage as Sam tries to reunite his two daughters only to find that the Inverse Society’s hold on his daughter Lucy runs too deeply. Meanwhile, Jordan and Jonathan’s relationship takes another turn for the worst when Jordan finds out that his brother has been taking  X-Kryptonite. Additionally, Superman learns that his doppelganger is after Ally and the Inverse Society because the Ally from his universe has big plans for a pretty big power grab.

Elsewhere,  Lt. Mitch Anderson has plans to arrest Superman for treason.


The Acting

Tyler Hoechlin continues to put in a solid performance as the man of steel but continues to pull double duty as Bizarro Superman, which is quite a big task given that both characters have very different expressions and mannerisms.

We also get great performances from Elizabeth Tulloch and Jenna Dewan as sisters Lois and Lucy Lane tried to mend fences, but pretty quickly fall out again as their grievances with each other get aired. We see some great scenes early in the episode where Lucy gets time with her nephews and plays the interested Aunt. The discussion about the pending game and Lucy’s interest in the strategy was really well performed and fun to watch.



Not really too much happens in this episode because it spends a great deal of time dealing with the fallout from last week’s events. However, the little progression that we do get is going to make for interesting viewing as the series moves forward. The arrest of Superman at the close of the episode is done really well. I loved how Superman’s fight with Anderson’s soldiers was a perfect mirror of the Bizarro dream sequence that we saw at the start of the episode.

Superman & Lois (S2 - EP6) Tried and True
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