In Review: Superman & Lois (S2 – EP3) The Thing in the Mines

Lois reaches out to her father as Clark’s visions become worse during heated arguments with both Jonathan and Jordan.

Synopsis: In The Thing in The Mines. Lois reaches out to her father as Clark’s visions become worse during heated arguments with both Jonathan and Jordan. Natalie learns that her father didn’t follow through on a promise he made to her.


The Story

Clark’s attacks and visions are progressively getting worse to a point where he is getting triggered when in heated arguments with his kids. Out of concern for him, Lois calls in her father General Lane for support, but also in hopes that he has a contact in the D.O.D. that can be of some help. Knowing that the mines and the thing that has been burrowing through them during the X-Kryptonite operations are the cause of Clark’s problems. John Henry launches an investigation but winds up being knocked unconscious by Dr. Faulkner who orders the drilling to be intensified. 

As a result of this. The thing in the mines comes to the surface and as it does Clark has another attack and flies off to find the source. A confrontation ensues between Superman and the thing, which is finally revealed to be a badly scarred and disfigured mirror image of Superman.


The Acting

Tyler Hoechlin puts in a great performance as he shows us a Clark Kent who is struggling to keep control of his superpowers. The scenes that he has with Jordan Elsass and Alex Garfin who play his sons are fantastically done. As are the reactions by both Jonathan and Jordan to their father’s loss of control. Elizabeth Tulloch does a great job of balancing both of Lois Lane’s storylines as she has to deal with Clark’s problems, but also has to deal with an issue to do with her younger sister Lucy. Tulloch gets a brilliant scene with her onscreen father where she essentially gives the retired General Lane a reality check.

We also get another great performance from Tayler Buck as John Henry’s daughter Natalie. The scene where she sees his damaged suit is really solid and gives Buck a chance to explore some of Natalie’s gifts as an engineer, but also explore the emotional connection she has with her father.




This was a solid episode, which finally got somewhere in revealing the actual threat to Superman as being Bizarro. This should have happened a bit sooner in my opinion. As some of the more kitchen sink drama aspects of the show are getting in the way a bit. I like the storyline concerning Jonathan’s teammate Timmy using X-Kryptonite as a performance enhancer. As that will be an interesting theme to explore as the season moves forward. But some of the more relationship-themed stuff has been dragging on a little for my tastes.

That said. The reveal of Bizarro was good. As was the issues surrounding Clark’s feelings on Jordan wanting to reveal that he has powers to his girlfriend. Overall. A bit of an improvement over last week’s episode.

Superman & Lois (S2 - EP3) The Thing in the Mines
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