In Review: Superman & Lois (S2 – EP14) Worlds War Bizarre

Superman is rendered powerless by Ally's attack

Synopsis: Superman is rendered powerless by Ally’s attack, and the others rally as the two Earths merge.


The Story

Having drained Superman of his powers in the last episode. Ally has begun the process of merging her inverse world with our Earth. Meanwhile, Superman is powerless to do much. Newly elected Mayor Lana Lang Cushing warns the townsfolk about the red sun and that Ally Allston is merging the two worlds. However, the townspeople do not believe her, which means that Superman has to step in to give her story some credibility.

Elsewhere John Henry and Natalie do some work on their suits to prepare for a mission to stop Ally from successfully merging the two Earths. But once he has his suit upgraded. John puts a security lock on Natalies suit to prevent her from following him.

Meanwhile back at the school. The inverse versions of Lana Lang and Jonathan Kent launch an attack on Superman. Thankfully Jordan who is getting a bit more confident with his powers steps in, but even he can’t stop the two super-powered beings on his own. Lucky for him. Natalie’s suit is no longer locked, which means she is able to lend him a hand in defeating the inverse super beings.


The Acting

Tayler Buck puts in a strong performance this week as Natalie who gets a moment to be just as much the superhero-like her father John Henry and even the Man of Steel himself. The scene where John Henry (Wolé Parks) locks her suit is brilliantly acted as Buck conveys the fear of losing her father all over again.

We also get a solid performance from Jordan Elsass as the evil Superpowered Jonathon Kent. The scene where he and the Inverse Lana face off against Jordon is brilliant to watch.



This penultimate episode of the season was fairly strong. It was great to see Jordon get more to do and we are left with a pretty good cliffhanger ending as we see the two worlds begin the process of fully merging. The question is how will Superman and the gang stop it.


Superman & Lois (S2 - EP14) Worlds War Bizarre
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