In Review: Superman & Lois (S2 – EP11) Truth and Consequences

The Kent family have some difficult choices to make as Jon-El comes for Jonathan and attempts to bring Bizarro Lana Lang through the portal. 
Truth and Consequences

Synopsis: In Truth and Consequences The Kent family have some difficult choices to make as Jon-El comes for Jonathan and attempts to bring Bizarro Lana Lang through the portal.


The Story

Picking the story up from last week. Jon-El has come through the Portal and immediately made an attempt to merge with his doppelganger Jonathan. However, Jordan intervenes and gets pretty beat up, which buys time for Superman to arrive just in the nick of time. With his attempt to merge with Jonathan Kent scuppered. Jon-El escapes, which allows Superman to let Lois, Jonathan, and Jordon know what the situation is. Suffice to say there are a few arguments that transpire as Jonathan feels that his father’s attempts to conceal his truth are putting family and friends in more danger.

However, Jonathan isn’t out of the woods yet. As he begins to have visions of what Jon-El is up to and knows everything that he is up to. This comes it quite useful as a means of helping Superman keep tabs on Jon-El. But it just so happens that it is a two-way connection. Meaning that Jon-El also knows what Jonathan is doing. When Jon-El kidnaps Lana Cushing and attempts to bring her Bizarrow double through the portal. Superman immediately comes to Lana’s aid, but finds out that it’s a trap.


The Acting

The drama in this week’s episode gets dialed up as the Kent family argue about the truth and consequences of maintaining Clark Kent’s secret. This feels especially raw for Jonathan having learned about the Bizarro version of the Kent family from his father’s experiences. These scenes that get played out allow for some great acting performances from both Tyler Hoechlin and Jordan Elsass as father and son. We also get strong supporting performances from Elizabeth Tulloch and Alex Garfin as Lois and Jordan have the difficult role of cooling things down.

We also get some nice father-daughter scenes from Wolé Parks and Tayler Buck as John Henry Irons and Natalie try to use their engineering skills to try and close down the link between Jon-El and Jonathan.





While not quite as strong as last week’s installment. This episode does pay dividends to loyal viewers with a closing scene that may well be overdue but very much earned.

I thought the scenes with John Henry and Natalie were pretty strong and it was nice to see these two characters return after quite a long period of time away. However, the fight sequence between John Henry and Bizarrow Lana felt a little dumb. Especially considering how badly beaten John Henry was when he fought Bizarro, which put him in hospital despite the fact that he had his armor on. So what I can’t figure out is how come John Henry who is wearing no armor when he faces bizarro Lana pretty much be walking and speaking in coherent sentences after having taken a comparatively similar beating to that which Bizarro visited upon him earlier in the season.  This seemed a little inconsistent to me.

On a good note. Jordan gets a great fight sequence with Jon-El.

Superman & Lois (S2 - EP11) Truth and Consequences
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