In Review: Superman & Lois (S2 – EP10) Bizarros in a Bizarro World

Superman has followed Ally Allston through the portal and finds himself on Bizarros world.
Bizarros in a Bizarro World

Synopsis: In Bizarros in a Bizarro World Superman races through the portal after Ally Allston, but when he arrives on the other side, he discovers everything on this parallel earth is… bizarre.


The Story

Picking up from where the last episode left off. Superman has followed Ally Allston through the portal and finds himself on Bizarros world. On this parallel world, Superman is greeted by his son Jonathan who plays nice until he reveals that he is with Ally Allston’s cult. We then get shown in a Flashback how Jonathan came into his superpowers and how different life has been for him in this world. On Bizarro’s world, its version of Superman was a major star and was very much playing the media for endorsements and everything else. This made Jonathan feel somewhat alienated from his Bizarro Superman Father, which is when he joined Ally Alston. However, the dysfunction of this worlds Superman’s family sees Lois and Jordan leave and join up with General Lane who is trying to stop Allston.

Back in the present day. The prime version of Superman manages to escape from Jonathon and join up with General Lane and Lois as well as a certain Lt. Mitch Anderson. However, Jonathan-El is not the only Bizarro Superpowered person that our Superman has to worry about. As this worlds Lana Lang has Superpowers and she happens to be married to Bizarro Tal-Rho.


The Acting



We get some great performances in this Bizarro episode as Tyler Hoechlin once again gets to play both versions of Superman, but also gets to show us Bizarro Superman’s decline due to his Kryptonite addiction. Yup, year read that right. On Bizarro, World Kryptonite is not as much of a threat as it is on our version of earth, but it is highly addictive. Which is why Bizarro Superman appeared like he did when we first met him. In this episode. We see that transformation happen.

We also get a brilliant performance from Jordan Elsass as the more rebellious Jonathan Kent who takes on the Superhero name of Jonathan-El and betrays his father and his entire family to join Ally Allston’s cult.

Rya Kihlstedt continues to provide true menace to her role of Ally Allston and the scene where we see the two Ally’s join has some great visual effects.



Bizarros in a Bizarro World proves to be a pretty decent episode with some decent visuals. I really liked how Bizarro World had a red sun as opposed to a yellow one, which gave most of the settings a red-tinged effect. It truly is a Bizarro world where everything is completely different. But I think having square balls on a pool table was sort of taking it a little too far.

As to the story itself. It picks up rather nicely from where things left off in the previous episode, but it did feel a bit disjointed and clumsy when it came to the flashback sequences. But seeing a more dysfunctional version of Clark Kents family was fun. And it was also fun seeing all of the Bizarro heroes/villains.

Overall. A pretty fun episode to kickstart what will likely be the final run of episodes.

Superman & Lois (S2 - EP10) Bizarros in a Bizarro World
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