In Review: Superman & Lois (S1 Ep12) Through the Valley of Death

Through the Valley of Death" sees Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) turn to Captain Luthor (Wole Parks) for help. Furthermore, we discove

Synopsis: “Through the Valley of Death” sees Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) turn to Captain Luthor (Wole Parks) for help. Furthermore, we discover the fate of Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), following Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) capturing him  in “A Brief Reminiscence . . .” 


A solid episode, with some great story-points. For example, the way in which Jordan (Alex Garfin) further used his powers was well thought out. Furthermore, once more it was Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) , who has no super powers, who was behind it. This uses the trope of heroic ability, but doesn’t need to rely on fantastical abilities. What we see is the very core of heroism. And, it worked fantastically. Ultimately, it was sheer humanity, and the determination to fight for those who you love most that was able to prevail.

Another wonderful “hero” arc, is that of Captain Luthor/”The Stranger” (Wole Parks).  By giving this character a deeply traumatic back-story, we’re able to see complexity, and conflict from him. So, we have new life breathed into the traditional “Superman Vs Lex Luthor narrative, which works really well. His part in the proceedings was a testament to really well thought out character creation.



A big week for Wole Parks, as mentioned. Parks’ excellent depiction of conviction to do whatever it takes was both plausible and interesting. As a viewer, you were drawn into his reasons, and weren’t able to see him as the bad guy, and that worked wonderfully.

CGI & Effects

Nothing truly groundbreaking this week, but generally another impressive display of getting the job done. The heat vision and aerial battles may not appear as absolute visual spectacles, but they’re far from cheesy, either. They are everything that they need to. be.



“Through the Valley of Death” really allowed us to really see what drives the central character of the show, Superman (Tyler Hoechlin). When his powers are compromised, he has to rely on heart and guts. Also, this shows what the show is truly about, and that what you do defines you who are. It’s quite clear that there willl be more of that needed, as Superman will likely have to fight his evil half-brother again, by the looks of things. As Season One plays out, there’s going to be some serious dramatic finale action


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Superman & Lois (S1 Ep12) Through the Valley of Death
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