In Review: Superman & Lois – (S1 Ep.15) The Last Sons of Krypton

'The Last Sons of Krypton' brings the first season of Superman & Lois to a close
Superman and Lois

Synopsis: ‘The Last Sons of Krypton’ brings the first season of Superman & Lois to a close. Jordan (Alex Garfin) has been eradicated, so Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) must try retrieving him from Tal-Rho (Adam Rayner). But it won’t be easy, and will require a huge fight.


Firstly, it’s easy to see how ‘The Last Sons of Krypton’ might have disappointed some viewers, as a season finale. For example, it wasn’t the all action affair some likely wanted. But that didn’t mean it wasn’t epic. What we got was a fantastic “full circle” conclusion to events begun way back in the pilot episode. The themes make this show, and indeed they were heavily prominent here. Consequently, we got a series of massive emotional punches, and saw characters that have become so lovable have to fight with all their hearts.

This week SciFiPulse published some season one finale thoughts. We certainly didn’t get all of our predictions right, but we may well have guessed a couple. One thing that we didn’t see was what finally became of Tal-Rho (Adam Rayner), but it’s safe to say he will be incarcerated, and will probably return at some point. Ultimately, what was felt for him by Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) was mostly pity.


Difficult to award any standout performance, as the ensemble cast all performed superbly. But maybe the best performance was the depiction of Jordan, by Alex Garfin. Some wonderful emotional depiction, really capturing the struggles of mental health. But also worthy of much credit was his onscreen brother, Jordan Elsass. As ever, he played the understated hero with some magnificent skill.

CGI & Effects

A wonderfully thought out scene was the “superscream”, Superman (Tyler Hoechlin ) went up to space to do. This was another example of utilizing Superman’s vast skill set , and not always just using the outward physical strength that’s his standard used power.



As mentioned, ‘The Last Sons of Krypton’ might well attract some negative commentary. But the truth is is that Superman and Lois is very much a drama, not a predominantly action based show. So, that’s how it should be assessed. The result was that we saw how powerful a force love truly is. With that in mind it’s only fair to state the significance of John Henry Irons (Wole Parks) has played in the proceedings. Furthermore, when we saw the return of his daughter, Natalie (Tayler Buck) we saw the effect on him. So, more use of the theme of family, which will make for an interesting dynamic in the second season. She’ll be a welcome addition to the show . . .



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In Review: Superman & Lois - (S1 Ep.15) The Last Sons of Krypton
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