In Review: Superman & Lois – Oh Mother Where Art Thou (S1 Ep10)

"Oh Mother Where Art Thou?" picks up directly following events in "Loyal Subkekts" (last week's episode). Consequently, Superman

Synopsis: “Oh Mother Where Art Thou?” picks up directly following events in “Loyal Subkekts” (last week’s episode). Consequently, Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) learns some Kryptonian family truths. As a result, the rogue Kryptonian consciousness invasion begins . . .



With such a revelation in last week’s episode, “Oh Mother Where Art Thou” was always going to be a “big” episode. With the story being built up for weeks, this had a feeling of a climactic release. But with us only being around half way through the debut season, there’s surely more to happen. What worked well was seeing what had been planned finally begin to occur. For example, the Kryptonian consciousness “awakenings” of the army of Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner), who of course isn’t Morgan Edge at all . . .

There were further explorations of the theme of family, in “Oh Mother Where Art Thou?”. For instance, for example the bond between Sarah (Inde Navarrette) and Kyle (Erik Valdez). Furthermore, we saw a way to allow Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) to finally get to meet Superman’s biological mother. And of course, there was also Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) choosing his “Earth” family, too.


More strong scenes from the young cast of Superman & Lois. Jordan Elsass really managed to show the character of Jonathan well. Similarly, Inde Navarette deserves much credit for her portrayal of Sarah, as she learnt the truth about her father, Kyle (Erik Valdez).


CGI & Effects

More creative use of effects, which were a big part of the story, in “Oh Mother Where Art Thou”. The final fight scene which showed how strong Superman really can be was impressive, and a good “showstopper”. They didn’t over egg the pudding, with that one.


Whist the main plot seemed to be a bit too “problem” of the week, the show’s themes again came through well. Essentially, Superman and Lois is a family drama, but with fantastical elements. And, that works really well. But the central problem being solved so quickly did jar a little, this week. But at least there were once more lasting consequences, with Superman seemingly out of commission for now. This may allow for other aspects to be the central focus next week. Perhaps we’ll see Captain Luthor’s (Wole Parks) return soon.


If you haven’t already, then check out “Superman’s Day Off” and “Life in the Fast Lane”, from May The Verse Be With You. And, the more recent, “Smooth Criminal”, too. Two of these pieces were inspired by the series. So, now you can enjoy some “Super” poetry . . .

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