In Review: Superman & Lois -Loyal Subjekts (S1 Ep9)

We learn a lot about identities of characters, in "Loyal Subjekts". For example, we find out a revelation about Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner)

Synopsis: We learn a lot about identities of characters, in “Loyal Subjekts”. For example, we find out a revelation about Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner). Furthermore, a secret about Kyle Cushing (Erik Valdez) also emerges. Meanwhile Jordan (Alex Garfin) fall ill . . .



What “Loyal Subjekts” proves is that Superman and Lois is truly a show of many parts. Following on from last week’s episode, the action switches to Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner), and not Captain Luthor/The Stranger (Wole Parks). The shift is well managed, and the two characters’ arcs (Edge and Luthor) begin to cross, despite Captain Luthor (Wole Parks) taking off last week. Some smart stuff.

Another good aspect to this week’s offering was the continuity. Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) still hadn’t healed from the synthetic kryptonic gas attack. Firstly, this shows that what happens week to week has a larger impact. Secondly, it allowed for further vulnerability. Lastly, it created the plot of the “super virus”, which meant that Jordan (Alex Garfin)needed to go and off be healed.


Adam Rayner is a convincing baddy. “Loyal Subjekts” allowed him to further explore the character’s motivation. Also, once it became apparent that Morgan Edge is a cover, we got to see a different take on the “secret identity”. A strong week for Adam Rayner, then.

CGI & Effects

Again, the inventiveness of the effects was apparent. Jordan’s “super-sneezing” was a great way to explore the effects of kyrptonite. Also, this idea was a nice nod to the older comics, where Superman would sometimes have unusual, or adverse effects to kryptonite.


Another strong week. Following the unexpected production break, Superman and Lois is back with a bang. There’s a lot going on, for a first season, as previously mentioned. But things are moving at a good pace, and the threat to the story-world is looming. Now, we will see more of Superman’s origins begin to have an impact on Earth. “Loyal Subjekts” proved that the world needs Superman. What’s more, we all need him too! The world is always better when there’s a good Superman story being told. This looks to be that.


If you haven’t already, then check out “Superman’s Day Off” and “Life in the Fast Lane”, from May The Verse Be With You. And, the more recent, “Smooth Criminal”, too. Two of these pieces were inspired by the series. So, now you can enjoy some “Super” poetry . . .

In Review: Superman & Lois -Loyal Subjekts (S1 Ep9)
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