In Review: Superman and Lois – The Best of Smallville (S1 E5)

"The Best of Smallville" sees Jonathan (Jordan Elsas) struggling. But Jordan (Alex Garfin) is on hand to support him. The influence

Synopsis: “The Best of Smallville” sees Jonathan (Jordan Elsas) struggling. But Jordan (Alex Garfin) is on hand to support him. The influence of both Lex Luthor (Wole Parks) and Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) continues to surface, troubling Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch).



Moving away from last week’s episode, the focus wasn’t wholly on Clark/ Superman (Tyler Hoechlin). Of course, the character is central to the show, but able to take a back step. Consequently, we’re able to enjoy the development of other characters. That’s the strength of this show, which this episode showed, once again. For example, glimpses into the alternate version of Lex (Wole Parks) further builds the case that for him, he’s the one who is the defender of justice. An interesting take on Superman’s arch enemy.

The town itself, Smallville, is also an important “character” in this show. As well as being a political allegory for one aspect of American life, it is a huge part of the Superman mythos. Showing the sense of community, and how important that is, ties in with so much of the character of Superman. “The Best of Smallville” really nailed things, and gets that the Man of Steel will now always be of two worlds.


A fine performance by Erik Valdez, as Kyle Cushing. The aspect of the character that is particularly well captured is the barely concealed fragile masculinity. His depiction of the character really shows how things are changing, and how the Alpha Male must.

The young cast continue to excel. A strong week for Jordan Elsass, as Jonathan. His scene with Sarah (Inde Navarette), whilst drunk,  showed great observational skills, and how emotions can overpower us all, at times. A realistic and accurate depiction of teen angst.

CGI & Effects

One scene that used CGI really well was the one that saw us see young Clark (Dylan Kingwell) come to terms with his powers. A very different design too the first perspective of superpowers, which allowed us to understand that Clark was in period of transition, then.

Towards the end of the episode, the chase scene was really cool. As Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Derek Powell (Clayton James) flew through the cornfields, we saw what we rarely do – aerial pursuit. Additionally, using “super breath” was another well thought out stunt. We get to see Superman again undoing destruction, by using his brain to counter dangerous use of rogue kryptonic powers.



The characters of Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane are in many ways timeless. However, for that to be proven we need to see incarnations which capture the modern audience. Essentially, both are dedicated to justice, and the ideal that all of humanity is worth fighting for. “The Best of Smallville” did a fine job of showing exactly that, and at this time in the history of the world, we badly need it.

Recently, May The Verse Be With You, a weekly fun feature that is exclusive to SciFiPulse ran two poems. Both Superman’s Day Off, and Life in The Fast Lane are highly relevant to Superman and Lois. The show, and again we saw it in “The Best of Smallville”, relies on tried and tested tropes, but fuses it with social relevance, interesting characters and of course, some good, old fashioned “super” fun.






Superman and Lois returns on May 18th, 2021, due to disruption relating to Covid 19. We’ll be on hand to discuss and assess the first five episodes in our next Podcast Episode. Also, we’ll be running features on the show, too, before the return of the first season’s run.


In Review: Superman and Lois - The Best of Smallville (S1 E5)
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