In Review: Superman and Lois (S2 – EP2) The Ties That Bind

Clark opens up to Lois about his ongoing struggle with visions and admits that there is only one person who might be able to help.

Synopsis: In The Ties That Bind. Clark opens up to Lois about his ongoing struggle with visions and admits that there is only one person who might be able to help. Meanwhile, Lana receives some unexpected news and tensions begin to rise between Lois and Chrissy.


The Story

Clark is pretty much forced to open up to Lois about his visions when he has an episode during Breakfast. He tells her that they feel like a planet is being destroyed and says the only person that can possibly help is Tal-Rho. In order to try and get to the bottom of the issue. Clark and Jordan head to the Fortress of Solitude with Tal-Rho where he is treated to a reunion with his mother. Only Tal-Rho reveals that he has got his powers back and tries to escape custody while Clark has another attack. Luckily Jordan’s powers have grown and allow him to hold Tal-Rho off until Clark recovers. 

Having gotten Tal-Rho back in his cage. Clark breaks the news to Lois that his mother thinks that whatever’s causing his visions is from another planet. At this point, John Henry who has been studying the Earthquakes with Lois figures out that the two may be connected as every time Clark has had an attack has coincided with the seismic activity.

The Acting

Adam Rayner puts in a brilliant performance this week as Tal-Rho who still has powers, but has been hiding that fact since his incarceration. The scene where Tal-Rho introduces Clark to his mother is absolutely brilliant. Especially when Tal-Rho expresses all of his resentment toward Clark.

We also get a good performance from Tayler Buck who gets a little more screen time to establish Natalie, who is an engineering wiz. The scene where she is bonding with Sarah while fixing the car is brilliantly done. I’m looking forward to seeing how much Buck gets to develop her role as Natalie in the coming weeks.



The Ties that Bind is not a bad episode, but it’s not that great either as it did fall into the CW Trap of becoming a little too much Kitchen Sink Teen Drama with the relationship issues around Sarah and Jordan’s relationship, which all felt a little forced and shoehorned in. In short last week’s episode was a little stronger.


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