In Review: Superman and Lois (S2 – EP1) What Lies Beneath

Lois and Clark are struggling as a couple as Lois is still having problems processing the arrival of Natalie

Synopsis: Lois and Clark are struggling as a couple as Lois is still having problems processing the arrival of Natalie. A series of mysterious earth tremors and an Earthquake are cause for concern.


The Story

Picking up three months after events that we saw in the season one finale. Lois is having difficulty processing the arrival of Natalie from the alternate universe. It seems that Natalie who is the daughter of the other Lois Lane from John Henry’s alternate universe has brought up old feelings with regards to Lois’s mother from this universe. Which has also created a little distance between Lois and Clarke.

When Lois catches Jonathan and his girlfriend in somewhat of a compromising position. It only serves to escalate Lois’s feelings. Especially when she tells Clark about it and he doesn’t seem to be as concerned about it.

In Metropolis Natalie has difficulties fitting in at her new school and is really struggling with the concept that Lois Lane from this universe is not her mother.

Meanwhile, back in Smallville, an earthquake erupts, and Superman does what he can to save everyone from the worst of it. But when he sees two Super Soldiers from the D.O.D. wearing his family’s insignia. It stirs up trouble between him and General Sam Lane’s replacement who is questioning Superman’s loyalty to America. The fact that Superman saved a North Korean submarine from sinking earlier in the episode does not help matters.


The Acting

Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch continue to do solid work in carrying this show as the two titular characters. Furthermore, we get great performances from both Jordan Elsass and Alex Garfin as Jonathan and Jordan Kent navigate their relationships and struggle with everyday teenage issues.

Tayler Buck comes out the gates strong as a troubled Natalie Irons and her scenes with Wolé Parks are solid and do a great job of showing a father and daughter relationship.



This opening episode of the new season does a fairly decent job of setting some of the storylines in motion. I’m fairly intrigued to see where the whole super soldier story goes and I’m obviously curious about the threat that is causing the earth tremors in Smallville and how that will play out.

Overall. A promising start.

Superman and Lois (S2 - EP1) What Lies Beneath
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