In Review: Superman and Lois (S1 – Ep8) Holding The Wrench

Clark encourages Lois to reach out for help after noticing her reaching a breaking point.
Holding the Wrench

Synopsis: In ‘Holding The Wrench’. Clark encourages Lois to reach out for help after noticing her reaching a breaking point. Meanwhile, Jonathan finds himself in a dangerous situation.


The Story

With Captain Luther in military custody. Clark and Jordan use their superpowers to repair the truck. Which leaves his brother Jonathan feeling a bit useless. To that end, Jonathan asks to help Lois as she searches Luther’s RV for clues as to why he has it in for Superman. However, things take a bit of a shocking turn for her when she learns that her alternate universe counterpart was married to Captain Luther. Furthermore, they had a daughter together called Natalie. When she decides to take a break from searching the RV. Jonathan decides to further investigate under his own license and nearly gets himself killed. This causes Lois to blow up at him due to the fact that in this universe she had a miscarriage when her sons were just 18 months old. And had the child been born. She was wanting to call it Natalie after her mother.

Meanwhile, at the military complex. Superman learns that he is not the only Kryptonian in town. Added to this is the shock revelation that General Lane has been designing weapons to take down Superman should the worse ever happen.


The Acting

‘Holding The Wrench’ has a few solid acting performances. But it is Elizabeth Tulloch who does much of the heavy lifting in terms of driving home some of the episode’s more prominent themes. The scene where Lois blows up at her son Jonathan is devastating. As is the moment where Lois is made to confront her grief by the counselor who is helping her. Jordan Elsass plays his part of Jonathan well and the metaphor in the episode title very much fits how Lois and Jonathan fit into this world. They’re absolutely the people holding the wrench while Superman and Jordan do their thing. But as Lois points out. They are extraordinary humans to be living and working alongside super beings.



This episode deals with the issues of powerlessness and personal loss really well. We get a nice bit of writing in terms of the child that Lois didn’t have impacting on her relationships with the children she does have. We also see some forward movement in the Kryptonian invasion plot as the stakes increase.


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Superman and Lois (S1 - Ep8) Holding The Wrench
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