In Review: Superman and Lois – Pilot (S1 Ep1)

The launch of Superman and Lois offers us insight into Superman's personal life. Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane
Superman & Lois

Synopsis: The launch of Superman and Lois offers us insight into Superman’s personal life. Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) have struggles, like most parents of teenagers do. However, their struggles are certainly unique, in comparison . . .



For a first episode, there’s a great deal that happens. Whilst the show is much more a drama than an action based affair, it’s not slow. The pacing of storytelling was well managed. Now, we have the entire premise for the whole series. We saw straight off that Jordan (Alex Garfin) coming to terms with his powers will feature heavily. There was also a lot going on beneath the surface. We saw a version of Superman, in Tyler Hoechlin that SciFiPulse has stated is needed. Last year we made The Case For a Brandon Routh Superman Show. We saw aspects of what we wrote about in that feature, here. Crucially, Superman’s goodness and moral decency.


Great to see Elizabeth Tulloch giving us a version of Lois Lane’s legendary strength. Tulloch offered a take on the character that does as much rescuing of Superman and Clark Kent, as he does of her. The traits of Lois Lane were gotten right, by Tulloch. Determination to get to the truth, and the fight to make it happen. And of course, to Tyler Hoechlin. A fine outing as both Clark Kent and the legendary Man of Steel. Hoechlin gave us the most vulnerable version of the characterization yet, doing so with skill and plausibility.

CGI & Effects

Nothing groundbreaking, in terms of CGI. Though, what was needed was good enough. Superman and Lois won’t need to rely on big budget effects. The flying, as ever, is always immense to see, on screen. The other examples of Superman using his powers were also well done. Also, the uncontrolled heat vision that came from Jordan’s (Alex Garfin) eyes was a well designed stunt, that resonated.


A strong opening episode, and good use of the Superman mythology. There were powerful themes in the story, and good laying out of plot lines. The subtext was very much “left leaning”, but given America’s affair with Trumpism, that’s understandable. Television shows should comment on society. Superman and Lois gave a new spin on Superman as an advocate of social justice. Furthermore we got to see his human side, fully. That was a strong depiction of an alternative to toxic masculinity, which the character suits perfectly. The difficulty of juggling heroism and family life was the central theme in Superman’s Day Off, from May The Verse Be With You.



Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights in the U.S., on The CW. The first season will run for 15 episodes.

Superman and Lois (S1 Ep1) Pilot
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