In Review: Superman and Lois – Man of Steel (S1 Ep7)

Another imaginative use of title. "Man of Steel" subverts the moniker that we've come to know as Superman's "hero name".

Synopsis: “Man of Steel” directly picks up from last week’s episode. Consequently, Superman/Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) helps Jordan (Alex Garfin) control his super-hearing. But the big news is that the identity of Captain Luthor (Wole Parks) begins to finally emerge.



Another imaginative use of title. “Man of Steel” subverts the moniker that we’ve come to know as Superman’s “hero name”. Instead, it’s Captain Luthor/The Stranger (Wole Parks) who we see as the hero. This is a great idea, and subverts what we’ve come to expect. There’s no point in re-telling one story, by just using variations on a theme. Complex baddies work better, and feel more genuine.

By the end of “Man of Steel”, the sub-plot neatly tied into the main plot, which worked well. This meant we also got to see Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) play the hero, too. His determination to smash the source of the kryptonian lights was important. Furthermore, it really did helpo even further focus on the show’s central theme, which is family. A very good and an important episode this week.


A strong week for performances, but the most credit should go to Wole Parks. His portrayal of anger and rage (grief, really) were convincing and deeply human. Parks brought a complexity to the idea of Superman’s arch enemy never really seen on screen before.


CGI & Effects

Perhaps the CW isn’t the strongest on effects, but what they do well is work with what they’ve got. The hammer being flung looked awesome, and did what it needed to do, too. That’s what matters, in the end. Crucially, the effects are focused around the main story.


Perhaps the biggest episode yet. What’s been teased started to emerge fully, and the opening season’s central plot became apparent. All the while, Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) is still able to operate in plain sight,. His role allows that of Captain Luthor/The Stranger to fluctuate between hero and villain. Or, as mentioned, at least not be the out and out “big bad”. His strong desire to hurt Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) wasn’t just there to further plans of evil domination. We’re now set for the real beginning of the debut season . . .

In Review: Superman and Lois - Man of Steel (S1 Ep7)
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