In Review: Superman and Lois – Heritage (S1 Ep2)

Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) continues trying to juggle the heroic life with being a father. Meanwhile, Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) has a fight

Synopsis: “Heritage” sees Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) continue battle juggling heroic life with being a father. Meanwhile, Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) has a fight on her hands. Jordan (Alex Garfin) learns more about his new identity, which frustrates him further.


Following on from last week’s opening episode – “Pilot”, “Heritage” is an aptly named episode. Furthermore, the concept applies to every character, but in different ways. The family returning to Smallville is the obvious tie to the title of “Heritage”. But Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) railing against Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) is a more subtle way to embed the show’s themes. Chiefly, they are social justice, so it seems. Perhaps the very different version of whom we presume to be Lex Luthor (Wole Parks) also feels he wants social justice. For example, whoever he is, his own heritage features as a good motivation for his pursuit of Superman (Tyler Hoechlin).



Alex Garfin and Jordan Elsass did a wonderful job, in “Heritage”. Both were convincing as teenage siblings. Their dynamic works wonderfully to create tension, then resolve. Both actors deserve credit for holding their own against their fellow cast members. There are plenty of older, more experienced actors, yet these two hold up against them and help to make drama in this show so watchable.

Great to finally see Wole Parks remove the helmet. A convincing performance of a baddie who feels they are justified in their actions.

CGI & Effects

Again, the effects aren’t anything near sublime. But they do what they need to do. Smart use of them helps them to have appeal. For example, Superman repairing the house and using flight to get to the roof. A simple, but powerful use of one of his trademark abilities. When he is battling the suited being, the speed at which things take place looks cool, and totally separate from the usual story-world.



Another good episode, of a show which offers us a new version of the Superman mythos. Or, at least one for today. What’s great to see is that whilst he’s still massively capable, Tyler Hoechlin’s incarnation offers more vulnerability. Not only in the emotional sense, but in terms of his physical might being challenged. Many screen versions have made him appear almost unbeatable. But “The Stranger” is has held his own against The Man of Steel. Another great move is how Lois is being depicted. This is as much her show as Superman’s. Her characterization is very true to her comic-persona, but accordingly updated for the corporate world we live in, now.



Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights in the U.S., on The CW. Part of the first season is still in production.

In Review: Superman and Lois - Heritage (S1 Ep2)
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