In Review: Superman and Lois – Haywire (S1 E4)

"Haywire" is an eventful affair. Jordan (Alex Garfin) enjoys some limelight, but Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) feels some resent. Morgan Edge
Superman & Lois

Synopsis: “Haywire” is an eventful affair. Jordan (Alex Garfin) enjoys some limelight, but Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) feels some resent. Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) makes progress with his plans, as a result Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) must get creative in fighting him . . .



The mix of drama and action continues to be well managed. For example, Clark must go off and be Superman, consequently creating tension, because he can’t live both of his lives at once. This aspect to the character of Superman is really dealt with well, in this show. In particular, in “Haywire”. The drama feels very real, and relatable. Furthermore, it’s made all the more so by Sam (Dylan Walsh) forcing is agenda, and standpoint. Because the characters are written well, and are nuanced, their personalities clash as they should.

Apart from the main action, week to week, there’s plenty happening in the background. The introduction of Thaddeus Killgrave (Brendan Fletcher) provided a modern version of a good, old fashioned, comic book criminal mastermind. The character looks set to cause all sorts of mayhem. Also, he is able to find ways to challenge The Man of Steel. Additionally, he may not be working alone . . .


Elizabeth Tulloch really is a great Lois Lane. So much so, that she’s showing signs of actually being able to be mentioned in the same breath as the late, great Margot Kidder. Now, that’s praise indeed. Tulloch must really have studied the character well, because all of the important traits are there. A resilience and a passion for the truth, to such an extent that taking risks doesn’t seem optional. We’re seeing her behave very much in the way she’s depicted in Life in The Fast Lane, a recent tribute from May The Verse Be With You.


CGI & Effects

The scene where Thaddeus Killgrave uses sonic technology against Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) worked fantastically. Superman really looked to be in pain. But then, he found a way out, that wasn’t all brawn. We’re really starting to see a much more cerebral version of the most famous super hero of all. The “thunderclap” that was performed gave a real example of a well written stunt, performed well.


The world that the story is set in is being grown well. There are consequences for actions, which matters in a story. For example, whatever is happening with Tag (Wern Lee) is due to the “laser vision” incident. It’s interesting to see new characters emerge, and especially young adult ones. Their vulnerabilities, due to leaving childhood behind, mean that they are especially impacted upon.

Another great aspect to this show is the way it absolutely nails sociological representation. But, in a way that doesn’t feel forced. Lana (Emanuelle Chriqui) and Kyle (Erik Valdez) having their meal with Morgan Edge is an example. We get to see how sexism works, when it’s delivered insidiously, and as a part of a set of behaviours that is deemed acceptable. “Haywire” did a great job, overall, this week What we see is more of what we have in the double pilot episode, episode two, and episode three, too. Action, fun and good drama.




In Review: Superman and Lois - Haywire (S1 E4)
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