In Review: Supergirl – The Wrath of Rama Khan

Supergirl’s struggle against Leviathan reaches a boiling point as she faces off against Rama Khan.

Synopsis: Supergirl’s struggle against Leviathan reaches a boiling point as she faces off against Rama Khan. Meanwhile, as Lena and Hope work to launch Project Non Nocere, Hope proves to be an invaluable asset to Lena.

Review: This episode has a nice little redemption arc for Malefic J’onzz.

The Story

Picking up from last week. Supergirl has been imprisoned in the fortress of solitude by Lena Luther, but it’s not too long before Brainiac and Alex figure out that something is up and rescue her. After the rescue, there is hardly time to breathe as the team has to deal with two looming crises. Lena along with Hope has retreated to one of Lex Luther’s mountain bases where they plan to launch Q Waves at Central city and reprogram people’s brains so that they never lie and hurt each other, but while that is going on Rama Khan is planning to reactivate an inactive volcano and create another extinction-level event, which could be as bad as Pompeii.

With help from Malefic Alex, Supergirl and the DEO race against time to try and stop both these events from transpiring, but Alex has nagging doubts about Malefic and has to take a leap of faith.

The Acting

Katie McGrath puts in a wonderful performance as we see Lena become more and more unhinged. But we are left wondering if there is a way back for her because like the classic villains. She is convinced that her plan is for the right reasons.

Once again Mitch Pileggi shows us how to play the supervillain as he chews up the scenery as the self-proclaimed god Rama Khan, who by the close of the episodes could well be nicknamed Rama Khan’t.


This was a pretty decent outing for the show, but it did feel like a bit of a juggling act at times for the show’s writers given that they were essentially juggling two storylines, but thankfully they succeeded for the most part. I’d have liked to have seen a bit more of Rama Khan and a little more mythology surrounding his storyline given that he has been such a big part of the last two episodes. Thankfully. We didn’t see him die, which means we’ll get to see him again after the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline wraps up, which we got a few nice leads into.

Overall. Not a bad outing.

Supergirl - The Wrath of Rama Khan
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