In Review: Supergirl – The Missing Link

Supergirl and her friends confront Rama Khan and Leviathan

Synopsis: Supergirl and her friends confront Rama Khan and Leviathan, while Lex Luther joins forces with his sister when Project Non-Nocere fails, which leaves the siblings in serious danger.

The Story

Supergirl and the team make plans to go after Leviathan, but it seems that Leviathan has plans to come after them. When Gamemnae releases Rama Khan chaos ensues as he heads to the DEO and obtains some Kryptonite. During the battle, it becomes apparent to everyone that Brainiac is torn between his loyalty to the DEO and Lex Luther and loyalty to his friends. Dreamer is particularly disappointed with Brainiac’s attitude.

Elsewhere, Lex and Lena work together to try and fix Project Non-Nocera, which seems to have failed. A failure that Lex had of course anticipated and allowed to play out to show his sister that you cannot change the darker side of human nature. This ends with a confrontation between the two Luther’s, which ultimately ends with Lena predictably going back to her friend Kara.

Back at Obsidion. Kelly Olsen with some help from William Dey learns that Eve Teschmacher is on Obsidion’s payroll and express their concerns about this to Andrea Rojas who doesn’t seem to be all that concerned.


The Acting

Dreamer gives Brainiac a good telling off.

We get a welcome return from Willie Garson as Steve Lomeli who gets a fair bit to do in terms of helping Lena and Lex navigate the prison. Sadly its a role to leads to a tragic end for him. For my money, Willie Garson is one of the best character actors around but felt that his role in this story arc was a little wasted. Especially given that he has had a much more developed recurring character in Hawai Five-O as an art forger. Garson is really good at quirky, sympathetic characters, and while Steve Lomeli fitted that mandate, I feel he was killed off before we got to really know him.

Mitch Pileggi makes a stomping return as Rama Khan who totally chews scenery and manages to steal some Kryptonite and take down the DEO in the process. While Pileggi is best known for his work in The X-Files. He is no stranger to playing villains. Early in his career, Pileggi played the lead role in Was Cravens ‘Shocker’ and also played the bad guy in the ‘Knightrider 2000’ television movie.

Nicole Maines gets a fair bit to do as Dreamer in this episode and she gets to revisit her relationship with Brainiac to some extent as she pretty much gives him a much needed talking too. But it was good to see Dreamer having a little development in this episode. She really needs to have her own show.



Rama Khan takes down the DEO

A solid episode, which looks like it is lining the pieces up to build toward a series finale. The team-up between Lex and Lena is done and she has now returned to team Kara and just in the nick of time as well.

Leviathan is proving to be a pretty tough nut for Supergirl and the team to crack, and it will be interesting to see how things eventually play out. Especially given that Brainiac is kind of wavering in his support for Lex, and talking of Lex. We get an awesome final scene between Lex and Lena as the arch-villain shows his true colors.

The battle between team supergirl and Rama Khan is awesome. Especially given that we get to see the DEO taken down. I loved the effects where we saw Rama Khan sort of teleport into a bunch of rocks and move very quickly from one point to the next.

Overall. A solid episode.


Supergirl - The Missing Link
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