In Review: Supergirl – The Darkest Place

Supergirl comes face-to-face with Cyborg Superman when she attempts to save Mon-El from Cadmus.

Synopsis: Supergirl comes face-to-face with Cyborg Superman when she attempts to save Mon-El from Cadmus.

Review: This week a recovering Martian Man Hunter begins to have hallucinations of his home, family and wite martians, but has no explanation for them.

Else where The Guardian is framed for several murders across the City, but not to be put off James insist that they keep going with their partnership in order to find out who is trying to frame them and why.

But the big reveal this week comes when Supergirl tries to rescue Mon-El from Cadmus. Standing in her way is the original Hank Henshaw who has been modified by the scientist of Cadmus and turned into Cyborg-Superman. The fight between Supergirl and this new foe is short lived and ends with her in a prison cell next door to Mon-El.

Back in the City Alex has found out that James and Winn are responsible for the Guardian and is forced to confront Detective Sawyer to tell her to back off. When Sawyer tries to play the, “But were friends” card. Alex gives her both barrels and reveals how she feels, which is awkward.

Back at Cadmus Lillian Luther reveals her true self to Supergirl and threatens to kill Mon-El if Supergirl doesn’t submit herself to her for testing. Luther makes Supergirl burn herself out by excessively using her heat vision til she exhausts herself and becomes human. While Supergirl in in her human state. Luther has her scientist take samples of her blood.

Back on the beat The Guardian has found the identity of the vigilante who has been impersonating him and murdering people in his name. A fight ensues, but eventually the Guardian comes through and brings the guy to justice.

Meanwhile Martian Man Hunter after having seen his recent blood test goes after M’gann because he has figured out that she is a white Martian. An epic brawl breaks out between the two as Man Hunter seeks to avenge his family. This is despite the fact that M’gann has revealed that she tried to save as many of the Green Martians as she could because she was sick of the brutality of her own people against them. The fight ends when Man Hunter has his hands around M’gann’s throat, but he cannot kill her. Later while in a cell M’gann tells Martian Man Hunter that her blood is tainted with a biological weapon that her race developed to convert all Mars into white Martians, which is why she was reluctant to partake in the blood transfusion, which saved his life.

At Cadmus Supergirl is exhausted and back in her cell next to Mon-El, but their rest is short lives as Jeremiah Alex’s missing father comes to their aid and rescues them.

Once home Supergirl tells Alex that she has seen her dad, but when Alex goes to Cadmus HQ to find him. The area has been completely cleared.

The final scene reveals Cyborg Superman using Supergirl’s blood in order to break into the Fortress of Solitude. No good will come of this.

Once more they tried to cram to much story into one episode. They could have actually played out the Cadmus and Cyborg Superman stuff a lot more than they did. In fact it would probably have been better had they done that as apposed to calling back to the whole Alex loves Sawyer thing, which I’d have liked better had they rested it for a week to let what happened last week sink in for awhile and just breath.

Hopefully the series will leave soap land and get back to less clunkier episodes next week.

Supergirl - The Darkest Place
  • Epic Battle between Martian Man Hunter and M'Gann
  • The Bad: The Alex & Sawyer thing really needed a rest this week.
  • Story
  • Acting
  • CGI
  • Incidental Music

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