In Review: Supergirl – The Bottle Episode

The subsequent complications from the Crisis leave Supergirl to face a chaotic threat.

Synopsis: The subsequent complications from the Crisis leave Supergirl to face a chaotic threat.

Review: This episode pretty much continues things from where Crisis left off. And Supergirl is going to have to deal with it and so much more besides.

The Story

Kara and Alex are both unhappy and weary of working for Lex Luther who has now become head of the DEO and is working his own angles, which involve finding out as much as he can about Levaithon while trying to strike up a partnership with his sister Lena, who is still majorly pissed at Kara for lying about her being Supergirl.  All of this gets put to the side when we suddenly find that several other Brainiac 5s have found their way to Earth-Prime after their versions of the earth have been destroyed. One of them managed to bottle his version of Earth before the Anti Matter-wave hit and plans to release it.

The Acting

Jesse Rath gets to flex his acting muscles in this episode as he plays three different variations on his character while the fourth version of Brainiac 5 aka Kor El is played by the actor’s real-life sister Meaghan Rath who science fiction and fantasy fans will remember from the American version of ‘Being Human’.  The scenes between Jesse and Meaghan’s two Brianiac’s are setting up a much bigger story arc with some pretty edgy implications. Especially when it comes to the role of Lex Luther and his plans.


A pretty solid episode with some great comedic moments from Jesse Rath’s Brainiac character. It also sees a pretty big change in Brainiac Five as he no longer wears the three personality inhibitors, which were hindering his connection with the big brain. It will be interesting to see how much more complex a character that Brainy will be now that he no longer wears the device, which has supposedly held him back for so long.

The episode’s final moments are a bit of a shocker but is only going to make for some compelling viewing in the weeks ahead if the writers can keep it up.

Supergirl - The Bottle Episode
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