In Review: Supergirl – Star-Crossed

Mon-El's parents visit earth in an attempt to talk their son into returning home with them.

Synopsis: Mon-El’s parents visit earth in an attempt to talk their son into returning home with them. Supergirl learns that Mon-El has lied to her and Winn lands himself in trouble by getting stuck in the middle of an art theft, which his girlfriend Lyra committed.

Review: Lots happening in this episode, but taking front and centre is the doomed romance between Supergirl and Mon-El. A relationship that winds up being all the more doomed when Mon-El is forced to reveal himself as the crown prince of Daxan. A planet that condoned slavery and used slaves as servants. Which is something that Supergirl cannot and will not condone.

The scene at the dinner table between Supergirl, Mon-El and his parents was really well written, but it is not a debate that hasn’t been had before. And despite great performances from Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo. This scene did not really offer any new insights into the subject of slavery and overseers.

This week for me. The B – Plot involving Winn and Lyra and the intergalactic art ring was far more interesting. I enjoyed the fact that Winn could do what Supergirl couldn’t. Forgive someone for lying to him. So although I found the romance between Supergirl and Mon-El a tad obvious. It was juxtaposed really well with what happened with Winn and Lyra.

Really aside from suck about her boyfriend issues. Supergirl didn’t really have all that much to do this week.

Much of the action was left to Alex, The Guardian and Winn as they take down Mandrax and his gang of art thieves and in so doing save the life of Lyra’s brother.  The fight sequence between the Guardian and Mandrax was fun to watch and Paul Lazenby milked every single line that he got to deliver as the art fence. 

The episode resolves with Supergirl attending a prisoner transfer in which Music Meister steals Supergirl’s inter-dimensional gadget and escapes to earth one. This is your typical lead in for the musical episode of The Flash in which both heroes get to dance with the Music Meister.

Supergirl - Star-Crossed
  • The Good: The B-Story with Winn & Lyra
  • The Bad: Supergirl & Mon-El romance
  • Story
  • Acting
  • CGI
  • Incidental Music

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