In Review: Supergirl – Schott Through the Heart

When Winn’s father dies, his estranged mother, Mary, reappears trying to reconnect and to explain why she abandoned him all those years ago.

Synopsis: When Winn’s father dies, his estranged mother, Mary, reappears trying to reconnect and to explain why she abandoned him all those years ago. Winn is too embittered from his rough childhood to forgive her but when a copycat Toyman attack, the two must work together to stop him. Mon-El tells Kara something important about the Worldkillers, and Alex becomes suspicious of Myr’nn’s recent behavior.

Review: Supergirl returns with a bang and some flying monkey’s with a story that focuses mostly on Winn and his relationship or lack thereof one with his estranged mother.

Amid all the action on this episode. The core story is very much about families and relationships. The flying monkeys and the chaos that toyman’s copycat creates only serves to help heal the emotional baggage that Winn has been carrying with regards to his mother Mary and it gives Mary a chance to step up and be a super mum.

Jeremy Jordan puts in a show-stealing performance here and Laurie Metcalf proves to be perfect casting as a mother trying to make amends for not being present when her son needed her.  The best scene by far in this episode is when Winn confronts Mary and lays out all his feelings of abandonment to her. The hurt and pain on Winn’s face during this scene is very believable. 

We also get a storyline with J’onn J’onzz and his father M’yrnn J’onzz, which sees the two throw a small housewarming party, which ends up revealing something about M’yrnn that he has been trying to hide. And when Alex pushes him she is asked to leave.

The CGI in this episode was pretty damn awesome. The Flying Monkeys were a hell of a lot of fun and obviously inspired by the Wizard Of Oz, but the final battle in the copycat’s lair, which is an abandoned toy factory, sees Mon-El take on a robotic T-Rex and Supergirl get put into a bubble pack.

Overall. This is a promising beginning to the final stretch of this third season and judging by the final scene at Lex Corp. Things are going to get really interesting as the season builds up momentum.

Supergirl - Schott Through the Heart
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