In Review: Supergirl (S6 – EP8) Welcome Back, Kara

As Supergirl and Zor-El make their return to National City, they are determined to keep the Phantom Zone behind them and enjoy being superheroes together.

Synopsis: As Supergirl and Zor-El make their return to National City, they are determined to keep the Phantom Zone behind them and enjoy being superheroes together. Unfortunately, their overzealous efforts backfire, creating a whole new threat to National City.


The Story

Having escaped from the phantom zone in the previous episode. Supergirl and her father Zor-El look to enjoy being superheroes for a bit. However, things go a little wrong when Zor-El’s concern for Earth’s environment leads him to create a system to detoxify all of Earth’s garbage. Using Brainiac’s robot as a means to an end. Zor-El creates a clean-up drone called Oscar, which will supposedly convert all of the Earth’s rubbish into energy. Unfortunately, the drone is a little too good at its job. This leads to it becoming infected by an alien parasite. So now Supergirl and her super friends have to stop the trash monster.

Back at CatCo. Andrea Rojas welcomes Kara back and immediately tasks her with getting an exclusive interview with Supergirl. She also tasks William Dey with the task of getting as much information on Supergirl’s team as possible. As she wants to have exclusive access to them before and after disasters happen.


The Acting

Melissa Benoist has a bit of a challenge this week as she has to sell us all on the idea that Supergirl is suffering from PTSD due to her ordeal in the phantom zone. Thankfully, she is more than a match for the task. But don’t be surprised if we get a few flashback scenes in the coming weeks. Jason Behr puts in another solid performance as Zor-El and it was fun to see his character interact with the other characters in Supergirl’s team.

Meanwhile, back at CatCo, we get to see Julie Gonzalo in full-on boss mode as Andrea Rojas who is looking to get her magazine to the very top of the tree. We even see a brief glimpse of Rojas’s superhero identity Acrata in action as she breaks into Lex Luther’s mansion.



This is pretty much your average monster of the week episode. The trash monster was fun, but for some reason, my mind kept thinking back to the trash heap from  Fraggle Rock. As that Trash Monster maybe her ideal match. Joking aside though. I was a little disappointed that the writers opted to send Zor-El back to Argo City because it was fun to see his interactions with Supergirl’s team.

Overall. For me. This episode was okay. Not great, but not complete bilge either.

Supergirl (S6 - EP8) Welcome Back, Kara
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