In Review: Supergirl (S6 – Ep6) Prom Again! Aka Prom Night Part 2

Young Kara experiences kryptonite for the first time...
Prom Again

Synopsis: In ‘Prom Again!’ Young Kara experiences kryptonite for the first time, Nia and Brainy are trapped by invading aliens, and a young Cat Grant may be the reason Supergirl never gets out of the Phantom Zone.


The Story

Picking up from where things left off last week. Maxim Tork and his mate have attacked Brainiac and Dreamer but before you can utter the words “Prom Again”. A young Kara aka not quite supergirl yet. Flys the rescue without realizing that C.J. Grant aka Cat Grant has captured it all on film via a drone. In her rescue of Brainy and Dream. Kara manages to imprison Maxim and his playmate in a cell on his ship. Unfortunately, C.J. Grant is not in on the plan and unwittingly frees the two alien hunters.

And thus starts a timey wimey adventure, which eventually sees our two heroes having to go back in time in order to fix their mistakes. Additionally, Dreamer gets a new power, which enables her to manifest a dream-like Pink Couger, which even got my cat’s attention.  Oh and Kara’s boyfriend Kenny gets kidnapped and almost dies. My guess is that they couldn’t afford to get the real Kenny from South Park.


The Acting

As with last week. We get some solid acting performances from both Jesse Rath and Nicole Maines in their respective roles of Brainiac and Dreamer or Brandon and Brenda in this case. Are you confused yet? Yes, Me too. Chris William Martin continues to act the pantomime villain as Maxim Tork. Where do they get these awful names from? Oh he is no relation to the late Peter Tork from the Monkee’s. Just saying. Anyhow the episode is full of solid acting performances. But is let down by a rather rushed plot. It almost feels like they wasted the entirety of the first episode on exposition and then realized that they had to cross the finish line with episode two.  It’s a fun story. But I feel that my 12-year-old self would have struggled to get to much from this other than meh. Next.



As said above. Solid acting let down by a bit of wishy-washy plot which gets tied up in knots as it rushes to conclude and get Dreamer and Brainiac back to their own time. So they can save Supergirl. And saving Supergirl is a bit more than a metaphor at this point. This second episode was rushed and wasn’t as strong as the opening part.

Supergirl (S6 - Ep6) Prom Again!
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