In Review: Supergirl (S6 -Ep5) Prom Night! Part 1

Nia and Brainy attempt to save Supergirl from the Phantom Zone by time-traveling back to Kara's home in 2009.
Prom Night

Synopsis: In Prom Night! Nia and Brainy attempt to save Supergirl from the Phantom Zone by time-traveling back to Kara’s home in 2009. While determined to secure the item needed to help Supergirl, Brainy is worried about keeping a low profile so as not to alter the future timeline.


The Story

Picking the story up from last week. In order to obtain some more of Supergirl’s DNA. Brainy and Nia must travel back in time to Midvale of 2009 on the build-up to Kara’s Prom Night. However, when they arrive a day or so early. It only allows them to get into more trouble. Posing as Brendan and Brenda. Brainy and Nia befriend Kare/Supergirl, Alex, and Kenny. But their actions get the attention of another Alien who is in a cloaked ship and on the hunt for other species to add to his zoo. And if that isn’t bad enough. A young Cat Grant from the Daily Planet is on the hunt for a story as good as if not better than anything that Lois Lane can do.


The Acting

Jesse Rath and Nicole Maines finally get some time in the sun as Brainiac and Nia. I loved the quick footedness of Nia introducing them as Brendan and Brenda when they meet people. I also loved the continuation of Brainy’s stress eating and his sudden discovery that hitting a baseball and theatre is just as effective a means of coping with stress. Also good was Nia’s brief phone call to her mother in which she gets a voice recording. This only serves to show how much the character of Nia and her Dreamer alter ego have grown. Though I could have done without the singing.

Izabela Vidovic and Olivia Nikkanen do a brilliant job with their portrayals of young Kara and Alex. The two actors not only looked quite similar to the older versions of their characters. But also manage to deliver the same sort of chemistry that the older actors have together. Chris William Martin does a pretty good job of playing the alien hunter Maxim Tork.



As the opening episode to a two-parter. This was pretty strong. I liked the dynamic between Brainiac, Nia, and the younger version of Kara and Alex. And making Brainiac even more of a fish out of water than is normal was always going to be the source of comedic opportunities for Jesse Rath to play with.

Supergirl (S6 -Ep5) Prom Night! Part 1
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