In Review: Supergirl (S6 – Ep3) Phantom Menaces

Supergirl makes a new ally. Lena and Lex battle for control of Luthor Corp.
Phantom Menaces

Synopsis: In ‘Phantom Menaces’ Supergirl makes a new ally. Lena and Lex battle for control of Luthor Corp. Meanwhile, Alex continues her efforts to save Supergirl.


The Story

Picking the story up from last week. Alex and the team’s attempt to rescue supergirl from the Phantom Zone has failed. However during the attempt. One of the Phantom’s managed to escape and come to earth and infected Silas. Added to that. Silas when Alex and the gang catch up to him is mostly through his transformation into a Phantom. Making matters worse is during the hunt for the Phantom Menaces. M’gann gets attacked and becomes infected.

Back at Luther Corp. Lena has initiated a full take over, but she is growing tired of the fight with Lex and is forced to make a life-changing decision.

In The Phantom Zone Supergirl and Zor-El hitch a ride with a phantom, but before they can get any bearings of where they have ended up. Zor-El gets kidnapped. Thankfully Supergirl managed to get away with some help from a woman called Myxlgsptinz who has magical powers.


The Acting

Much as with last week. Jon Cryer and Katie McGrath take up the most interesting part of the storyline as Lex and Lena continue their battle.

Peta Sergeant does a great job of establishing Myxlgsptinz and her scenes with Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl work out pretty well, but I can’t help but feel that there is something a little out of whack with Myxlgsptinz. I’m sure we’re going to find out what that is in one way or another over the coming weeks.



For ‘Supergirl’, which has often been the soapier in terms of its characters and their relationship. This wasn’t a bad episode. My main criticism would be that perhaps they tried to cram a little too much into the story. I mean Lex Luther and Lena’s battle of wits would be worthy of an episode in its own right. But then trying to play those story beats alongside the Phantom Menaces and Supergirl’s new bestie in the Phantom Zone.  Seemed a little over-ambitious. But they pull it off. Just about.

Overall. I’m still counting the days until Superman & Lois returns.

Supergirl (S6 - Ep3) Phantom Menaces
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