In Review: Supergirl (S6 – EP10) Still I Rise

Supergirl struggles to save affordable housing, so Orlando and Joey have a place to live. Meanwhile, Nxyly plots to regain her powers.
Still I Rise

Synopsis: In Still I Rise Supergirl struggles to save affordable housing, so Orlando and Joey have a place to live. Meanwhile, Nxyly plots to regain her powers.


The Story

Picking up from where last week left off. Nia has made a deal with Nyxly, but it’s a deal with a horrible cost attached. While Nyxly is free to conspire and manipulate petty crook Mitch into helping her get her powers back. Nia gets her wish of more time with her mother. But the gift of more time with her mum comes with some hard truths that Nia must face up to. Meanwhile, Supergirl learns that her new friend Orlando is facing the prospect of never being able to provide a secure home for his young brother. A housing project, which Orlando was signed up to is under threat of being taken over by a private company that is pressuring the council to vote with them. This means that Orlando and others like him will continue to struggle to find affordable housing.

Given that she told Orlando that she had his back in last week’s show. Supergirl sets about trying to convince the Council to stay with their initial plans of having the development as affordable housing, but she finds it difficult to relate her feelings to the people. However, when she realizes that the council needs to hear Orlando speak. Supergirl gives way for him to do just that.

Meanwhile, Nia’s time with her mum is nearly up and having realized the mistake she has made. She vows to go after Nyxly.


The Acting

Nicole Maines gets a lot to get her teeth into in this episode as Nia must finally confront her own darkness in order to integrate it into herself. The lesson comes from her mother who makes her daughter face a childhood trauma that she has been running from. A trauma so deeply embedded that it was preventing Nia from having full use of her power. To say that Nia goes through the grinder in this episode would be an understatement. To be honest this episode should have been done some time ago. But always seemed to be put on the back burner in favor of other less interesting stuff. Kate Burton puts in a good performance as Nia’s mother who gently makes Nia see her true self.

Melissa Benoist gets some great scenes as Supergirl crusades for affordable housing. But it is Jhaleil Swaby’s performance as Orlando and Kari Matchett the politician that is looking to kill social housing that puts it over the top. Swaby delivers Orlando’s speech to the councilors with true passion. While Matchett may have crossed herself off of my Christmas Card list by being so convincing as the miserly and mean-spirited Councillor that was looking to stop affordable housing.

Finally, Peta Sergeant really sells the evil Nyxl to the nines. That last 5 minutes was wow.



This is perhaps supergirl at its very best. Firstly we have the storyline continued from last week with regards to Orlando and his brother, which sees Supergirl take on the issue of social housing, but in a very real and non-preachy way. Also, we had the storyline with Nia, which is a story that fans of Dreamer have probably been waiting about 2 or 3 years for.

Overall. Still I Rise ticks quite a few boxes. But I can’t help but feel that Nia’s story needed to be its own episode solely focused on Nia and her mother.

Supergirl (S6 - EP10) Still I Rise
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